49 Replies to “How to Sony TV Service menu Mode reset code Review”

  1. tony montiero

    Tampatec-Please help-I put in a new t-con board in my Sony KDL-75w850c, following your videos, when I turned the set back on, The picture came on for a second and went off but it still has a green light. thanks Tony

  2. tenzin thokmey

    sir i played with this and unfortunately i failed and now my tv shows only colours moving up and down. does that means my tv is death or do i have to change some T-con board or panel board .. please help me ..

  3. Didier Delaey

    This is nice, but what are you doing when no picture is on the screen, no menu also after replacement of the Tcon board? is ther any middle toget out a signal from the tv?
    sound ok, all voltage ok backlight ok no picture best regards

  4. Capt. Mustard

    Did I hear you correctly – If I had a bad firmware update I can do the factory default and then give it a different firmware?
    Because if I do the factory reset in the normal sony menue it obviously does not reset the firmware so i can't put an older version on there like that.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Sibyll Hampton

    Hey, the home button (altho green indicator light was flashing) didn't work anymore. Home button on the remote as well as the button on the TV did not pull up any menu anymore. Tried to factory reset the TV (Bravia KDL-46W4220) by doing the arrow up /power button procedure several times without any reset action preformed by the television. So I found this video and decided to try to reset it from within the service mode. After entering the service mode I was able to scroll down (without changing any settings) for a few seconds. Then TV went into some sort of "burn in" mode (alternating from green, red, blue to a striped "test picture". Now I can't exit the service mode or anything else. Any ideas or remedy you can think of?

  6. jimf28

    Hi I have the XDL-40XBR3 TV, green light but no video or sound, I wanted to try the factory reset but my remote doesn't have a display button, just set, input, then the tv, cable, etc selections. tried no power for 24 hours, same thing. I figured its the power supply but I wanted to give the reset a shot if I could, thanks

  7. Kevin Max

    I have a sony lcd digital colour tv. model no. kdl-22bx20D. A CD plate is inside it and I have lost my remote control. Is there a way of removing the CD plate without the remote?

  8. AK Auto collision

    I have Sony bravia lcd kdl-32Ex340. when plugged in there is a green light and then 2 seconds after it just make a click sound and then green light goes off. screen doesn't on at all.any help??

  9. Stan Ploar

    Somehow my Sony LCD TV got switched to retail mode and the sound is up to 255.  Can someone do this?  I had some problems with some hackers I worked with. And any idea how to get the tv back to factory settings?

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