25 Replies to “How To: Setup Your Q Series Samsung TV With The Smart Things App”

  1. Faisal

    I have a 2018 55' QLED TV but my SmartThings application (and any other remote application) can't detect. Both my phone and the TV are connected to the same network. Any advice?

  2. Heather Aleo

    You can't use this app if you don't have another way of getting online. My phone is my only means of Internet, I don't have separate WiFi. Yet you can't connect if you don't use wifi. Plus it doesn't recognize the TV is on. It says turn the TV on with the remote to use features, except I'm sitting in front of my TV that I just turned on with the remote.

  3. Ayiq Fadil

    This is a great smart home hub.>>>t.co/J4kmDRd3ZO    It is true – it is not for the fait at heart. I'm pretty tech savy, so its been ok. But there are moments of frustration, for sure. However, that is because it is so versatile and has so many options!! Although I haven't tried other smart home hubs, based on what I read, the others tend to be more basic. Thus, I am happy with my choice. For what its worth, I have used only ZWave thus far – 5 smart light switches, 2 motion detectors, and a smart plug. And I have it all integrated with Alexa (however, since it is all automated, I really don't use Alexa very often). Warning though….this smart home stuff is addicting!!

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