How to Setup Your Amazon Echo Dot / Alexa with a Home Theater System

This is a quick tutorial on how to setup an old receiver with your Amazon Echo Dot. I brought my 10 year old receiver back to utility by hooking it up to my Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation –
RCA Cable –

This is NOT a paid endorsement. I received this Echo Dot for completing an Amazon developer promotion.

25 Replies to “How to Setup Your Amazon Echo Dot / Alexa with a Home Theater System”

  1. 16nowhereman

    I'm going to have to break up with Alexa. Sometimes when she is playing music very loud and I say something to her, she doesn't listen. She does listen when I finally have to yell at her. I'm just tired of yelling at her when she gets loud.

  2. andrew fox

    In fact you don't really even need to do that if you have bluetooth on your Alexa which I'm sure you have have invest in a Bluetooth adaptor run the Bluetooth adaptor from the auxiliary or whatever input on the amplifier and then pair the Bluetooth adaptor with the Bluetooth on the Alexa done no need for cables or anything if you need to disconnect Alexa just say they disconnect Bluetooth job done can't see the point of having hardwired components when you have Alexa at home which is all wireless but excellent video nevertheless it is one way of doing it but I think it is the hardest way the way to think of Bluetooth in to another Bluetooth device i.e. stereo TV is simple you pair it the same way as you would an external portable speaker think of a hi-fi as a portable speaker that's it

  3. Hemanth Nidhi Ninan

    I've a Yamaha soundbar with subwoofer….can I connect an echo device to the soundbar and then with two echo studio to create a home theater setup…will it work ? I mean will the echo studios and the sound bar connected to echo dot play simultaneously

  4. FreeSpirit21 WildCat

    Thnx for this video cuz I need to keep it very simple, I mean I'm sure it will work manually when I watch my TV & use my FiOS remote manually play my YouTube playlists, alot of other videos make it so Damm complex, like you HAVE TO use the voice controls

  5. marcd

    Thank you for this information, I had been wanting to set up a strong and loud music system in my workshop. I have an old receiver and speakers, so this should work fine.

  6. Robert Thompson

    That looks dandy and all but the streaming service alone probably cost a arm and a leg every month not to mention that you won't probably be able to listen to entire albums. I'll stick with playing my beloved cds in my cd player.

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