How to Setup Two Amazon Echo Dot’s to Work Together with Echo Plus

In this video I unbox two Amazon Echo Dot’s for use as a whole home intercom and multi-room music listening. This video shows the unboxing of an Echo Dot, initial setup, connection to wifi and use of the intercom system and multi-room music listening commands.

My wife and I both listen to music in our bathrooms when we are getting ourselves ready or bathing our kids. The echo dot is a perfect way to talk to one another without shouting across the house, and to listen to music. The kids know all the commands, so it makes perfect sense to use the multi-room music everywhere command.

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10 Replies to “How to Setup Two Amazon Echo Dot’s to Work Together with Echo Plus”


    I have a question, which I have been trying to search for an answer on the web and coming up empty. Is it possible to connect(sync)an Amazon Echo Dot(2nd Gen.)to an Amazon Echo(2nd Gen.)with 2 different accounts(registrations), but in the same household?

  2. Thorvald-Rhys Bjørnson

    I can’t believe that someone has left an instructional video up that features two piss weak wastes of money… Compared to the beautiful 3rd Generation Dots these old versions look as if throwing them in the trash would be an insult to the trash can!

  3. Mark Bridge

    I have a question if anyone can help. I want to know if I can use the echo to contact another echo in the house? For instance, if I'm in the basement can I use an echo down there to contact my daughter in her room on her echo?

  4. Simply Gaming

    Dumb question but I got the echo and want another. My question is, where im paying say $4 a month for the music can this new one I get link to the same account and not have to pay a 2nd monthly fee?

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