How to Setup the Logitech Harmony Hub

How to Setup the Logitech Harmony Hub

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7 Replies to “How to Setup the Logitech Harmony Hub”

  1. JIMMY B

    My phone doesn't have a set up new hub or connect to hub thing like you are showing in video. Is it a app? You don't explain? I'm lost from video start. Sorry, Weak frustrating video.

  2. Jilvir Paeste

    One of the feature of this product is the IR learning… can you show us how to setup with the IR learning? IR learning code can be use if the said TV or appliances is not on the list of support brand…

  3. Michael Smith

    Thx for the video. I recently purchased Logitect Harmony Elite, It's just so amazing. I have a doubt about control programming for external hard disk to my TV. When I programmed as smarthub for hard disk and AV4 input for amp, it's not working to use hard disk. Can you please help me out to use hard disk through harmony!!!

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