How to setup Onkyo ARC hdmi output to Smart TV pt2

What is ARC tv hdmi input? Samsung D7000 smart 3dtv to Onkyo amp setting up arc “audio return channel” tv to surround sound, this eliminates the need for connecting tv’s audio out cables like optic cable or composite red/white audio cables going back into audio receiver tv or aux input, basically setting up ARC sends audio out from tv to receiver and when tv turns on the receiver will turn on too in sync with tv (if tv has no arc feature this won’t work)

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  1. Skully Wooz

    Hey i have a samsung q8 smart tv. I can only switch it on and off using the remote, the screen is blue just like urs and it shows tv/cd as it is in the amplifier. Its in hdmi2 mode, how do i change it to hdmi1 i tried different buttons pls help

  2. Stack Bundles

    These receivers are by far the most tricky, you have to be beyond patient, this tutorial worked for me, however if it doesn't for try resetting your receiver by holding vcr and power at the same time it'll say clear, then try setting up again. I've had maybe 6-7 different kinds this receiver has taken me the most time.

  3. William Taylor Basil

    My Blue Ray, Cable TV and CD player is connected to Onkyo 609, HDMI out is connected to Samsung TV HDMI (ARC) port, When Onkyo setup HDMI (Control (RHID) is set to ON and Audio Return set to Auto, it does not seek and ARC does not work. What could be the problem?

  4. TurboFlush

    Connecting a LG TV to a Harmon with arc.
    I got it working however after about a month I think .. it will not turn on the receiver when TV is turned on. Shutting off or turning in individually does nothing. Power cycling TV does nothing. Changed HDMI cables no change.
    Power cycling (unplugging) the receiver seems to fix it.
    Any ideas?

    Tech support for either wasn't much help. Harmon's support is awesome though.
    Unfortunately I don't have enough equipment to change out components and test

  5. SFbayKID

    i have onKyo HT-R990/AV surround sound system package from ROKU box connected to HDMi AVI cable/salite & out AV to ARC in Samsung hdmi TV NO ARC says in AV Connection anywhere ….but i am getting STEREO out of AV not Dolby digital 5.1 like watching Netflix …on my samsung few years old TV manual is only says audio out & PCM cant do nothing more & WORKS FINE audio out of my system but is NOT 5.1 Dolby..can U help??? but in ROKU is not out audio out 5.1 like cable boxes i think is only stereo …maybe because of that would u help?

  6. Linda Novák-Reindl

    You connected your tv and AV reciever with only one hdmi cabel on ARC port, right?
    I did that same, and I chose the audio out hdmi on my samsung smart tv, but its still silence here.
    What do I have to do in the menu of the AV reciever?? (Onkyo616)

  7. oscar salguero

    I had setup all following your instructions but I am quite confused what INPUT my Onkyo needs to be in order to receive the audio from my Sony Bravia. Could you explain a bit more.?
    I do have Netflix and Amazon directly on my Sony Bravia TV so I want to send the audio to my Onkyo with out adding the extra Toslink cable.

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