How to setup Hubitat w/ Sengled bulb

Install the Dashboard app if you havent done so already
1. Open your Hubitat’s webpage
2. Click on Apps
3. Click on Add Built-In App
4. Scroll down and click on Dashboard
5. Click Done
6. Click on Dashboard
7. Click on Create a New Dashboard
8. Enter name for Dashboard (i.e. Main Dashboard)
9. Click on use all your devices
10. Click on Initially Auto Populate Dashboard option
11. Select a Background color (optional)

How to add Sengled bulb to Hubitat
12. Click on Devices
13. Click on Discover Zigbee and Z-Wave devices
14. Turn on Sengled bulb
15. You should see Generic Zigbee Bulb followed by numbers
16. Click on Generic Zigbee Bulb and change name to what you want to
17. Click on Save
18. When Saving changes to Saved, click Click on Dashboards
19. Click on Main Dashboard
20. Scroll down on the right
21. Click on Pick a Device
22. Select Sengled
23. Click on Pick a Template
24. Select bulb
25. Click on Add Tile

Sengled bulb can now be controlled with Hubitat

How to factory reset Sengled Element Classic bulb
While the bulb is on, quickly turn the bulb off and then on 10 times in quick succession
(using a light switch or power bar works best). 
If the reset is successful, the bulb will flash five times.
If it does not flash five times, you will have to try again. 

Note: when it says quick, it means really quick
If it blinks more than 5 times, the reset wasn’t successful

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Hubitat Hub

Sengled E11-G13 Smart LED Soft White (Element Classic) Bulb

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