How To Setup A Raspberry Pi Home Automation Hub

In this video I show you how to setup a home automation hub using a USB z-wave controller and a raspberry pi running the home assistant software

z-wave smart home maker challenge

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21 Replies to “How To Setup A Raspberry Pi Home Automation Hub”

  1. Ricky Garcia

    Hello byte sized, I'm working on an automated kitchen cabinet for my senior design and would like to install several sensors (force sensor, motion detection sensor, and gesture sensor) do you have any recommendations for the proper sensors?? will use pi 3 as the uP and power supply will be 12VDC

  2. rahaman shaik

    thanks for all your videos and super informative and great work. I have a query and if you can answer I will appreciate.

    I am in the process of automating my ceiling lights and bedroom lights with Sonoff smart WiFi wireless switch. It worked great but the problem is, i cant switch on/off manually with physical switch in the event of WiFi/internet goes away. Is there any way we can set it up with Sonoff or do we have any alternate products that work for my case. In fact this is everyone's limitation when it comes to Sonoff switches. Please advise. TIA

  3. L CT

    Sonoff will take over home automation….. much more user friendly than this… Sonoff works with alexa as well…. this is way too complex…. Sonoff is much much easier

  4. Brandon Beeton

    Hey Zac, I love your enthusiasm to want to automate your home. Seems as through you are really switched on. However i am a bit confused as to why you are trying to integrate old IR technology with Wifi enabled devices. Please get back to me perhaps i am missing something.

  5. Paytrix

    It would be awesome, if you could find a way to integrate the Sonoff Switches into Homeassistant without loosing the Google Assistant Integration feature! It's pretty easy to reflash the Sonoff's to integrate them into HA to then controll them using MQTT, but it losses the Google Assistant compatibility…..

  6. Kostas Petropoulos

    Hi I know that ZXT-120 IR extender have learn mode so somehow you can teach to working with your TV right now I am on SmartThings world and try to realize if is better to jump on home assistance or not I have see a video that the home assistant is faster but no Zigbee network I am still searching the difference

  7. Lawrence Kelley

    when ordering, the link sent me to ebay, and it asked ??do I get the Wifi Smart Switch without controller ?? or 433 mhz RF remote controller ?? it ask you to choose which you want ?? wasn't sure, so please advise 🙂 Absolutely Love your videos

  8. Charlie Laird

    Cool concept, would def like to see you expand on this. I am just starting my home automation with some google home minis and that sonoff smart outlet you mentioned in your last video. Couple of questions…

    1) Do you recommend getting the RP 3 or could I get away with one of the cheaper ones?
    2) Where did you purchase the z-wave usb stick? 


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