How to Set Up your Samsung TV and Set Top Box

Find out how to set up and start using your Samsung TV with a set top box.

Following the onscreen instructions, the steps are simple…
Select your country;
Enter a new PIN;
Connect and turn on your aerial and devices;
Select whether you want to use Intelligent Mode;
Choose your WiFi network from the list and enter your password;
Read and accept the terms and conditions;
Sign into your, or create a new, Samsung account;
Choose whether you want to create your Voice ID;
Run a backup from Samsung Cloud if resetting or replacing an old Samsung TV;
Enter the first half of your postcode and it will detect your set top box;
Select your TV service provider;
Create your Smart Hub;
Test your Smart remote and start enjoying your new TV.

To set up using the SmartThings app on your mobile device:
A Samsung account is required;
Your phone automatically connects to your TV when you begin set up;
Tap set up when the prompt appears on your phone;
Follow the instructions;
Your WiFi and Samsung account information is shared to your TV.

If you need to pair your Bluetooth Smart remote:
Press and hold Play/Pause and Return keys simultaneously while pointing the remote at the Samsung logo on your TV.

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