How to Set Up a Logitech Harmony Hub – Setup and Configuration Guide

This guide will take you step by step in configuring a Logitech Harmony Hub and go over the different functionalities of this device.

The Logitech Harmony Hub is a universal remote control system that allows you to control your entertainment and smart devices with a smartphone or tablet! It’s a great addition to any home entertainment or home theater system. It is capable of controlling up to 8 separate devices.

You can individually control devices or set up activities to control multiple devices at a time. An activity is a group of devices that can all be turned on, turned off, and controlled at the same time. An activity page allows for easy control of multiple devices from a single page with fully customizable controls.

This device even integrates well with Amazon Alexa! I hope to cover this topic in the future. This is another great way to control your home entertainment devices with ease.

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