16 Replies to “How to Set the Charging Schedule on your Chevy Bolt EV”

  1. Ed McGuigan

    Thanks for this. For some reason I wasn't getting any response from my screens in this area as I tried to set things up but I will try again when the wife gets home. The one thing they have missed here is the ability to set a limit on how much you want to charge the vehicle given that charging it to full is not considered a good general practice.

    ACTUALLY, what you can do is set a departure time that is a few hours later than your real departure time based on the charge profile and then set the schedule for "ready at departure" so that you only ever get to a certain percentage full. Would be nice just to input a range or percentage value but that should be workable.

  2. icekk007

    A related question on charging schedule – How to set the schedule so that the bolt is only charged on some days of the week. For example, how do I skip Saturday and Sunday?

  3. Brian Dalton

    This is a great instructive video, but there is a detail that isn’t mentioned, and that is, if your utility provider doesn’t have mid peak you have to make it up in the same exact way this video shows. Peak mid-peak peak and then off peak, other wise it doesn’t work.

  4. Garrett Moffitt

    Just got my bolt, the setting for this is fucking stupid. Just give me a clock, and let me set 'Don't Charge during this time unless I specifically tell you to" Why does the car give a fuck why I want to not charge then? Way over thought POS.

  5. sfmike711

    I got my Bolt 2 weeks ago. I had no problem setting up the off-peak schedule for charging. I couldn't figure out how to set the charging method so the charger would only turn on for the off-peak hours. The owner's manual isn't really clear on how to do it. Then I stumbled across your tutorial. You helped me achieve my goal. My Bolt now charges during off-peak and sits idle during peak. Thank you for a clear explanation. Perhaps Chevy should employ you to develop and write clear and understandable instructions for their manuals. Thank you!

  6. Jim McCall

    This is a disappointing video. The whole point of going to your video is to see how you set the times. My Bolt UI for this seems to not work well at all and I was hoping you would set or adjust your times. For instance, I was hoping you would show how to add another peak time period as you have done.

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