How to retune your LG Freeview TV

These handy steps should help you to keep most LG TV’s up to date with the latest Freeview channels by doing a retune.

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Video correct at 6th June 2019. Availability of channels subject to geographic location and
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17 Replies to “How to retune your LG Freeview TV”

  1. reza damavandi

    I have a dish antenna that goes to the back of my fransat box I connect my lg tv to the box by hdmi cable, it cannot find any channel, do I need to connect the antenna as well from the box to the tv ?

  2. Callum 20

    Oi siri yeah tell me how the FUCK you can call it FREEview yeah wen I gotta pay a FUCKING TV license huh? Its fucking fraud im sick of it tell me wtf to do again and I'll swear down ill on a mad one

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