How to reset Samsung Smart TV

Info-Menu-Mute-Power On
This is the method how to acces servise menu, to restore factory default settings to your Samsung Smart TV. Be aware, after this done – all chanells and settings will be restored to factory defaults. This method might fix issues like lag or no wifi in your Smart TV

47 Replies to “How to reset Samsung Smart TV”

  1. The Dollar Guy

    I solved all these Samsung smart tv problems such as source input being unresponsive, Wi-Fi not working and a picture that NEVER fills the screen in a matter of minutes. It was so easy! All I had to do was round them all up and toss into the burn pit. Family trip to Costco to buy Panasonic Aquos Quattrons. Happy ever since.

  2. bilaathi kodam

    My TV is Samsung UA40F6400 model…when i press mute+1+1+9+enter i can enter to service menu but shows very few options like hospitality settings etc…no engineering menu option….any idea?

  3. Christer Johansson

    Man, this saved my day! I pressed 3D on my remote and the screen went "bananas" and the screen behaved like I had put a hammer on it…ie show lines of color like it was broken. This reset was my only option. Anyone know how to revert the smarthub software so that 3D works?

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