How To Reset or Restore Kodi On Android TV Box

Learn how to reset or restore Kodi on Android TV Box without uninstalling and then reinstalling the application.

This process is useful for those times when we need to reset Kodi to factory defaults if we are experiencing problems or want to setup a new build.

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44 Replies to “How To Reset or Restore Kodi On Android TV Box”

  1. Donna S.

    OK, I screwed up my MXQ Pro box last week when the Show Box app stopped working. I did a factory reset, something I've done at least two other times when I first got my box about two years ago (just found out it was manufactured in 2014 while I bought mine around April 2017 – thanks Groupon) this time after doing that I went into Show Box and realized that all it needed was an update, great it's working again. But Exodus isn't working at all. If I follow your directions I assume it will again get rid of Show Box which by hit and run I can get back on line, but your tutorial does tell me how to reinstall Kodi and Exodus. I don't know how to do addon, all I'm really good at is making a mess out of any form of electronics. Help

  2. Bob Donais

    My Android box keeps rebooting and not giving me the chance to reinstall anything.Any suggestions As soon as I choose an application it reboots or it also reboots on its own.Mt name is Bob please feel free to offer any suggestions .Can contact me via email @ thanks Bob

  3. john mckenzie

    I reset my Kodi as per instructions.WhenIput in the path and the name it said I was not connected to the network.
    When I checked the network it looked as if it was locked.everything else was connected.Any ideas.

  4. tom kulke

    Hi Troy my android box was unplugged by mistake when downloading an app from the play store now it will only show the start up logo MXQPRO it’s a 7.1.2 box tried to reboot but no success any ideas how I can re start my box

  5. supreeda villareal

    I have XbMC andriod box which the technician and customer service stopped answering me ( I didn't contact them a lot ever!) Anyway, when I reset Kodi to the factory version, I had to login and it required my order number. I don't have it anymore since we bought the android box in December 2015, what do I do?

  6. Di S

    EXCELLENT tutorial!!! Thank you Troy! I am a novice at all of this – self-teaching myself how to do all these technological things now that I moved 1000 miles away from my tech gurus who used to do EVERYTHING for me, when I should have been watching what was being done. I just cleared my Kodi, but when I tried to add Exodus to it it's telling me that it's not connected to the network, and everything in all my settings says I AM connected to the network – this is my project for today – trying to figure what needs to be done!

    **To all the people freaking out about having cleared your cache but now not having any movies or tv – think of Kodi as your new home, but now you have to add things inside of it in order live….you have to install tv/movie addons, which is what allows to you to get all of your shows. Exodus is probably the most widely known but there's others too, like Bubbles, Covenant, Elysium, and more. You have to add these addons in order to get tv shows and movies. A little bit of research on Google will bring up a plethora of information on how to get you boxes working again…just have patience and do some research!!!

  7. Selina M

    We have this box and I accidentally uninstalled Kodi last night. So then I went to the Google play store and downloaded the app but all the features, movie options, etc. Are gone from the app. How do we get the original stuff back? The movie options. We have the app now but there's nothing 2 watch in it. Thank you

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