47 Replies to “How to replace your Xiaomi Mi 4i screen”

  1. Alien OM

    Hi friend, First of all Thanks for the video. Can u please help me…. Where i bought a new screen…. i have same problem After breaking the screen the whole touch does not working along with the screen buttons. Do i change the screen myself or go to the service center..

  2. alok banjare

    Today I had broken the mi4i screen, and I found this video. I really wanted to change it by my own but as per the comments below it was risky so I thought to let it be done by the expert only. So I went to shop and paid 2300 INR to replace the screen. Though, it was not original. He replaced the screen on the spot in approx 1 hour.

  3. nowix56

    Thank you for this video, replacement successful.
    I heated the screen edges with a toaster, just by holding the screen above the toaster. When it's hot enough it's easily removable.

  4. Александр Михайлов

    Спасибо большое за видео! Благодаря видео и собственной смелости/наглости заменил, с первого захода, экранный модуль на этом телефоне. Клей использовал Т-7000(тюбик с металлическим кончиком)
    еще раз спасибо.

  5. firepol

    Dear Honorbuy Mobile Shop, can you please add some annotations at 26:15 till 26:30 explaining to be careful at that step? I and some other people seem to have broken the screen again after replacing it, just when pushing the phone back to the case… if you put an annotation (with the youtube tools, so there is no need to republish the video) to be extra careful, people may have a chance to be careful and not destroy their new screen (I had to buy 2 screens in the end, because the first broke in that stupid way)… thx

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