How to replace TCON board in a Sony LCD TV

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How to replace TCON board in a Sony LCD TV


सोनी एलसीडी टीवी में टीसीएएन बोर्ड की जगह कैसे करें

Как заменить плату TCON на ЖК-телевизор Sony

كيفية استبدال لوحة TCON في تلفزيون Sony LCD

15 Replies to “How to replace TCON board in a Sony LCD TV”

  1. Dude

    Dang thanks?. I have a different sony but same t com board cables. I had no idea it had a flip release. I tried pulling hard lol. Glad I didn't break it. Ugh . Sony 900c keeps going on and off. Cant do a hard reset either. Sux??

  2. Agostino Polillo

    Hi , I have a Sony KDL-52Z5100. (purchased 2010) I get horizontal lines only on the bottom part of the screen when i turn the TV on. ( about 6 inch,the rest of the screen is fine)this last for 10 to 20 min. and then disappear . Would the T-Con Board solve the issue. your answer would be appreciated . great videos Thanks, T

  3. Aguila

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  4. Tony Mosin

    Thanks for the video and taking time to make it I have the Sony Bravia purchased in 2005, Kdl-46s2010 and I just replaced the TCon Board thanks to your video. I could not figure out how to remove ribbons would of for sure ripped em if i didn't watch your vid. Thanks again. MY TV WORKS now I can get TEN MORE YEARS out of it …. I hope.

  5. Samantha Flynn

    you can get these boards refurbished on ebay @speedyfix123 for £20 which will last you longer then £40 used one these t cons are failing in big numbers you dont know how long used one going to last.

  6. Stephanie Nguyen

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