How to Replace LED Strips in LG LED TV – 55LF 55LB NC55 – Fixing Bad LED Backlights

LED Strip Backlighting Replacement Video
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LG TV Models:

Try all repairs and troubleshooting at your own risk.
In this video we will show how to replace the LED strips in certain LG TVs.
This is a generic tutorial, and if your TV model is listed in the video description, the general process shown in this video should apply to your TV, even if there are some small differences.
When replacing LED strips, you will have to remove the panel.
Removing the panel can be very difficult. If your TV panel is damaged during the replacement process, you will have to get a replacement TV.
Start by removing the screws and the back cover off the TV.
Disconnect the cables to the speakers and set the speakers aside.
Disconnect the cables to the t-con board and to the scan drive boards. Remove the screws and the plastic cover over the t-con.
Remove the screws on the metal covers that are over the scan drive boards.
Remove the screws for the TV bezel.
Adjust the tabs and remove the metal covers.
Release the scan drive boards.
When releasing the scan drive boards, disconnect the ribbon cables on the scan drive board. These cables are the ones that connect from the scan drive board to the t-con board.
Remove the remaining bezel screws.
Flip the TV over and remove the bezel.
Flip up the scan drive boards and tape them to the TV panel.
Release the tabs and tape on the side of the panel to release it from the chassis.
Use suction cups or something similar to lift and remove the panel from the chassis. We do have the suction cups available for purchase at
Release the tabs on the filter frame and remove it from the chassis.
Tape the corners of the light filters before removing them, to keep them in order and together.
Lift and remove the light filters.
Pinch the reflector clips to remove them from the panel.
Remove the clips on the front side of the chassis.
You will need to push them to the side and then lift to remove them.
Remove the reflector sheet.
Take pictures of the original LED strips to help when reinstalling the replacements.
You will want pictures of the strips connected to the cables in the order that they go in.
Disconnect the cables from the LED strips.
Using a five in one tool, or something similar, remove the LED strips.
It may help to use a five in one tool and something to push the tool from the back.
Install the replacement LED strips. They may be sticky on one side, but we will use some double sided tape, just to be sure they adhere to the chassis.
It may happen that an LED lens gets knocked off when installing the LED strips. If this happens, and you need to use that strip, you can use super glue or hot glue to put the lens back in place.
Install the replacement LED strips and reconnect them to the cables. Be sure they are properly aligned.
Install the reflector and begin installing the clips.
Reinstall the light filters and remove the tape.
Reinstall the filter frame.
Reinstall the panel.
Reconnect the tabs and tape on the sides of the panel.
Release the scan drive boards.
Reinstall the bezel.
Align the scan drive boards and the tabs and reinstall the metal covers.
Install the screws for the metal covers and bezel.
Reinstall the plastic t-con cover and reconnect the ribbon cable to the main board.
Reconnect the speakers.
Reinstall the back cover.

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37 Replies to “How to Replace LED Strips in LG LED TV – 55LF 55LB NC55 – Fixing Bad LED Backlights”

  1. Wes Samson

    Hello, I have a 55LB6300, and it is flickering the same, but if I leave it for a few hours on it will come back to normal.

    Any idea what part would be causing that?

    Best Regards and Thanks


  2. Brooklyn

    Hi there does anyone knows if i have to put the reflector shield back because i just bought new leds for the model tv i have but now the holes don't line up with the new led strips

  3. yofro2455

    Unfortunately I cannot see how he is disconnecting the LED strips from the cables/wires. He just pops it out but it seems like I am going to break something if I do not use the right technique.

  4. lburgguy

    I used these steps to affix those little plastic lenses that had come unattached. HUGE QUESTION: I got my diffuser sheets mixed up. I have one thick sheet with one matte side and then two thin sheets. Not sure where I went wrong and I've tried them in different configurations but I am seeing the LEDs behind the sheets. WHAT IS THE CORRECT ORDER of these sheets???? Thanks to anyone who can help.

  5. TriniDude24

    Please and anyone help me.. I'm looking for those exact strips for my tv… I'm from trinidad and Tobago, does anyone know a site I can order it from .. any help would be appreciated.

  6. Gus W

    The displaimer is unecessary. If I have pulled my TV apart you can rest assured I am pretty god damned desperate by that point and not thinking about being super careful whether or not I hurt its stupid feelings.

  7. Plug Two

    Thank you ShopJimmy! I just reconnected my LG47LB5800 and it works again! [40+ SBF] I ordered the LED strips and double sided tape from ShopJimmy. The suction cups and 5-in-1 tool were out of stock, got those from Amazon.

    One additional suggestions take a photo of how the wires are connected as well as the proper order for the strips. Also use a lightweight tape to keep the filters together.

  8. Scott Benton

    I was given a 55" LG with the picture flashing on and off. Dismantled it per your video and found 36 of 55 of the backlight LEDs burned out. Replaced all the strips with new ones from Shop Jimmy and now I have an "almost free" 55" TV. Set the backlight to 73% to hopefully prevent future burnouts! Thanks for your concise videos and great parts selection!

  9. my2centz

    I need someone to reply to this and tell me how to tell how many volts the led chips are in my lg TV? I purchased 3v before taking apart but found out it's not right. I can test each chip with 12v and they work with 3 volts they will not also with 6 volts nothing. It does have 9 leds per strip and says 94v however I cannot find 10.44 volt chips or anything other then 6v so what do I do?

  10. ميكال باسل

    Please HELP : What is the name of the black piece (SCREEN) which located at the beginning of the device .. I have broken this piece and I do not know what i must to write in Amazon to find it , I mean this piece in front tv (Crystal black screen )

  11. my2centz

    I have the same TV I believe anyway it looks the same and the boards look identical. I would like to know how much this would cost to have done. It's not worth it to me to buy the leds and break the TV. The speakers work fine but the screen is dark but flashes on every few seconds or so but just long enough for me to see. Luckily I saved my old Phillips 46" smart TV I think it's Phillips anyway. It's much older and works great so I think LG is crap. This TV isn't that old at all but is useless now unless it's worth fixing.

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