HOW TO REPAIR SAMSUNG TV WITH BAD PICTURE (como reparar samsung tv distorcion color)

In this video you will learn how to repair your Samsung TV if you experience color issues on the screen. The issue is the gama IC located in the T-con board. Replacing the IC is an option; however for all do it yourselfs, replacing the T-con board is easier and faster.

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  1. Michael Henderson

    Thank you for posting this video. I had the same problem on an eleven year old 42 in Samsung. I replaced the tcon board with a new one bought on Ebay for $26.95. This was an easy repair and saved me hundreds for a new tv.

  2. yihh a

    Man, you are AWESOME!! I was just about to buy a new TV when I happened upon your video. I bought a board on eBay. While I was waiting for it to get to me, I figured I was gonna have to take the back off. Then I was able to access the cable attached to the board. I tried unplugging it. Thanks to you showing how to pull the cable out, I had the confidence to try this without damaging anything. Plugged it back in and IT WORKED!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  3. Shai Gardner

    Thanks for the video. I have the same TV and it is giving the same problems. I was able to get to the T con board and am about to order one off eBay. I just want to make sure I am getting the correct part. Am I to use the model of the TV to search for the correct T con replacement or CM numbers that is written on the T-Con board itself?

  4. Channel Max UK

    Hi my Samsung smart tv is showing a blue shadow on the bottom half of the tv could the mainboard be at fault, i have tried changing the tconboard but no luck. It was working without the blue shadow before. Please help.

  5. barry spencer

    Hi I purchased a Samsung 4k smart TV 2 years ago and a line has appeared about an inch thick at the bottom of thescreene you can see through this line and the color varies at times it looks like along bar code at times anyone advise please thankyou Barry

  6. Garage of Awesome

    Hi, I know literally nothing about electronics, televisions or even screwdrivers, if I'm honest. I have a completely different model Samsung, but the problem looked pretty much the same. I watched the video, then ordered a T-con board from eBay. The video showed me how to change it; so I bunged it on the kitchen table and got the whole thing done in 45 mins, from go-to-whoa, including having a six year old 'help' me. My wife was napping the whole time and she awoke to find a fixed television. Thanks Runforlife!

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