How to repair blank screen on smart T V

how to repair a led smart T.V. with no screen black with sound.

You can also learn how to diagnose a flat screen tv that has no sound but everything else works. Picture, volume up and down and all apps

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  1. Michael Marshall

    Michael M
    My Sharp 43" TPT430H3-H01 flashes back light on pwr up (about a second) and no sound. Main control bd, T-con & pwr supp bd. all replaced but still no success…perplexed at this time…any ideas

  2. kennethpappas

    Hi Matt, I know this video is old but it was brought to my attention since I also have a VIZIO and all I see is the VIZIO logo as AMBER. It has no sound, no picture and I dont see any backlight? Any suggestions as to root cause? Main board?? I get standby power coming from power supply to main board but nothing coming back when I press the ON button. Thanks in advance! Capt. Ken

  3. Correy Alcantra

    Can you help me out? My magnavox 50inch got wet. Water dripped in from the top. I let it dry out. Screen is white now and you can barely see motion on screen. It's like the color was washed out. Everything else is good. Can it be fixed or can I fix? Thanks


    I have this exact same Vizio I believe, model M3D420SR. I am having an issue with the backlight going out. Flashlight testing I can see there's still picture, just no backlight to see it. I've watched some other repair videos but they're for newer Vizio tv's (you'd think Vizio would stop bs'ing). Those repair videos cover a 16 pin connector issue and a simple fix of resoldering the pin heads on back of the board. There are also a ton of people on the fixit forums who have fixed this problem this way. How many pins are on the connections for the tcon and power boards? While I have a soldering iron and some advanced understanding of electronics, I don't have the money right now for a tcon or power board replacement, nor a new set of led backlight strips. Also don't have the tools or monetary notes to purchase said tools for getting all the way to the led strips. I can't recall at any point in my life that an inanimate object has made me want to put my foot through it as bad as this. Many thanks in advance for your time and help.

  5. Michael Jones

    I got a 2007 model Toshiba Model Number 57HM167 manf June 2007 so its not above 2009 and has no HDTV capability and that is the only antenna I have which works fine on my VISIO TV. I do have a converter for converting older model TV's so they receive digital HDTV signals changing to analog but it will not work for the Toshiba. A problem I see comes up when turned on the screen itself has many white dots on it, looks like a space broadcast of the stars but none ever change position & stays stable the entire time I am working with the menu using the new GE UltraPro Universal Remote. I do a scan for channels and none are detected using this antenna, so I believe this Toshiba is mainly for cable TV use only, not HDTV usage. I am using channel 3 for the down conversion channel operational scan and nothing being detected seems illogical the Toshiba has a antenna reception menu choice. There is no images at all just that stary outer space look behind the menu where a channel should appear. I don't know if it is a tuner issue or some screen issue causing this problem on HDTV reception using my converter from the FCC I bought back then. Can anyone help please.

  6. Smurf13 W

    yo matt I had vertical lines in the middle as little off to the right. I opened the bracket on the right ribbon to see if the lines would fade and they did that but I think I did something, now the screen is black, back lights on, send I have sound. is the problem that ribbon or the t con has the exact setup as this vizio. thanks

  7. Elias McClellan

    Thanks for the tip. I checked and I don't have LED lights. I was good with replacing the T-board or main board at $20-$70. But, I know my limitations and without LED lights, I'm not willing to dig deeper or spend more.

  8. Dendane Fouad

    HI , I have the same TV , and the same probleme, I don't have the 24V , it reed only 15v, witch pins i have to shorten to be able to test power supply a lone, without all the other connectors just to confirm if I can get the 24v . Thanks

  9. Szasz Thomas

    Hey matt i have a problem to..yeastarday my tv sandely stoped to work…i can turn it on then the screen make a small flash than nithing sound no pic just a black screen with few a small blue pixels on the left down corner ..its a panasonic model TH-50CX400L …any idiea how to fix it S.a.p.?

  10. Charles Tillman

    Good evening Matthew I have an LG mod# 47LC7DF. Turn on TV you got picture and sound and then it clicks in the picture and sound is gone black screen no sound power still on I don't get it thank you

  11. sgtpep5

    My Vizio just went out.. The orange stand by light stays on but neither the remote or the power button on the TV will turn the TV on… Think it's the power board?

  12. John Rakos

    I have a Samsung UN series LED TV. No pic, no sound. Only signs of life: when TV is off the red LED power light is on, when turned on, red LED flashes slowly then goes out. Also red light around the Toslink port. I assume this is correct behaviour. Replaced power board but same symptoms. How can I test if it is main board, t-con, LED's or backlight? Thanks.

  13. eric rowinsky

    Hi Matt, I have the same issue. My LG 55ga6400 would turn on but then the screen shuts off 30 sec later as well as the LEDs…i replaced the LED driver and that did not fix the issue. Would you recommend the main board? Im having an issue finding one unfortunately.

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