37 Replies to “how to remove google account on samsung s7 edge android 7 and all samsung if it accepts bluetooth”

  1. XBNITE player

    Sir I cant dial any number on my S7 edge except public emergency number and upon dialing 911 then pressing Bluetooth icon, a pop-up message states "cant use Bluetooth device for this call." What could be wrong sir? In your demo video you dialed 000 and yet you were able to access Bluetooth and connected your Bluetooth headset. Thanks for your forthcoming reply. God bless

  2. DannyBoy

    You are my hero…. Thank you thank you thank you.. I've watched videos the entire day and nothing worked. You are amazing. It worked for my note 8!!! I'm super happy. :)))

  3. Jean C.A.M

    Hola ya me estoy dando por vencido tengo tres día buscando y tengo Samsung j5 prime androi 7.0 ise todo el procedimiento todo igual al poner la cuenta no lo acepta y no me sale la opción después s la cuenta

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