How to Remotely Preheat or PreCool the Cabin of a Nissan Leaf

Electric car, where have you been all my life. Finally I can preheat the cabin of the car remotely from my phone or computer, without having to pull the car outside first.
In this video, I show you how easy and awesome it really is.

I was using my phone to make this video so I couldn’t show the app being run from a smart phone.

The climate control will run for a maximum of 2 hours if plugged in, and 15 minutes if on the car’s battery.

6 Replies to “How to Remotely Preheat or PreCool the Cabin of a Nissan Leaf”

  1. Lajos Zoltan Deak

    Seriously you are showing how to push a button? lol, very informative. Would you mind sharing real information next time? Like what app to use, which apps do not use, whether I need sucscription, which trim level is this possible and any tricks on the way, that gonna help, that would be real information. I just wasted my time.

  2. Derek Ash

    A couple weeks ago I bought a 2015 Leaf S. I was planning on turning the heat on with my phone in the winter months before I leave to work in the morning. But then yesterday I found out from Nissan, that my S can't do that, and only the SV & SL packages can. So i'm wondering if anybody out there knows a hack/workaround for this. I'm pretty bummed about this, I've had remote start in my vehicles for over a decade, and it'll be a big disappointment if I can't find some method to accomplish my 1 task.

  3. Arnis

    Hi. I checked your DIY EV project. There is one thing that should be done. That is a Webasto heater. You can 1) heat the cabin using OEM heater 2) heat the batteries. Not using 1 gallon of diesel for 10 hours of comfortable winter driving is not something that should be done. And don't forget that Webasto is efficient, 80% to be specific. Also you can PREheat DIY EV using Webasto remote start (my BMW has that). It is VERY easy to retrofit. All you need is a relay for the fan and a decent 12V AGM battery (15A per hour with fan on my BMW).
    There is a guy who did Webasto work on i-MiEV πŸ™‚

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