How to Play Game Discs on the DISCLESS XBOX ONE S!!

So you bought the All Digital Xbox One S (or discless xbox one s as I call it), but now you actually want to play disc based games on it?? Well, I’m gonna show you how. It’s not super efficient, but it gets the job done.

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40 Replies to “How to Play Game Discs on the DISCLESS XBOX ONE S!!”

  1. Epic gamer

    I thought you were joking. " i think microsoft made 2 hdmi ports in case you accidentally bought an all digital" it wasnt out in 2013. And youre not playing on all digital, just through it. They made it so that you dont have to waste or change hdmi on tv. There are a lot of problems with this video.

  2. トシロ美智子

    Ok, so I just noticed he messed up,

    How to really do it…

    Step One: Buy an Xbox One S

    Step Two: Don't watch this video.

    I have no idea what to write down here or how to make this sound more cool or whatever but anyways. Thank you for reading this comment and happy late new year!

  3. Caleb Chan

    Well this means we should keep every old console with an hdmi output so when can do this.
    Let's try hooking up the 360s and the ps3s and ps4s. This will be fun.

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