How to pick the right ND Filter strength – DJI Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro Freewell Filters

Freewell Gear recently released their latest filter set for the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro. In this video, I unbox the two filter sets and give you my shortcuts on how I go about determining which filter strength works for the environment I’m in. After using them for a little while now, below is my list of Pros and Cons about the filters.

Freewell Mavic 2 Zoom Filter Set:
Freewell Mavic 2 Pro Filter Set:
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• More affordable than competitors
• Minimal to no color cast
• Mavic Pro ring was easy to rotate on the ND/PL Filters
• 8 Pack covers the full range of filters
• Gimbal and balancing start up had no issues

• The Mavic 2 Pro ND/PL did not fit as well as they should when it comes down to taking it off and on.
• The hard case foam does not hold the filters in place. Sometimes the filters shift around in the hard case.
• Freewell packing and brand need a refresh. The boxes and design all look too old school.


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25 Replies to “How to pick the right ND Filter strength – DJI Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro Freewell Filters”

  1. What’s Next?

    Not sure if you will read this but need a tip until my new filters arrive. Is it better to use no filter and compensate with a faster shutter speed, or is it better to use a higher filter and compensate with a slower shutter speed. My ND 16 was too high for today but no filter was too low.


  2. MrMyking2

    I am trying to figure out if I need to use these. I am not a photography professional but I am learning and one way I see a possible fix for this is by color grading the video at the end. would this be correct ?

  3. Jason S

    Aldryn, I just watched your video on the freewell ND/ND CPL filters and I have a question. It's actually not about the filters, but about the tablet mount I saw you using. I have tried several mounts and have never been completely happy with any of them. Can you please tell me where you found this mount? Compared with others I have used that one looks very simple and unobtrusive. Thanks Iappreciate it.

  4. Raoul albino

    Thanks for the information on the ND filters, I just ordered first DJI mavic 2 zoom, I can't wait to play with it , I have a Bebop great little drone but limited of what it will do. ones again thank you for sharing you knowledge, I will see you on web. Im in Texas 3 Miles outside of the Big Bend National Park, Beautiful scenery, I will share my videos soon.

  5. Dennis Volkerts

    Keep in mind!@*# Looking directly into light with no protection is never a good idea. It would burn your ccd chip. Good explanation, but some would now have some camera issues I suppose while they are checking there filters what's best.
    And you don't want to kill your ccd on a drone. Not sure if it is replaceable

  6. Jeremy Khoo

    i just bought a Mavic pro 2 today, as well as a set of ND filter PL, i would like to ask if i would still benefit from the filter if i shoot in Auto?, then again if i choose to shoot in manual how to i know the shutter speed to set it to if i am recording at the highest setting ?

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