How to Philips Hue with Jonathan Morrison

Learn all about Philips Hue in this video series featuring Tech YouTuber Jonathan Morrison. From reviewing the basics to discovering new ways to use your Philips Hue, this video series has it all! Learn more:

20 Replies to “How to Philips Hue with Jonathan Morrison”

  1. Connor Hearn

    I love my Hue E27 Richer Colours bulbs! They are more reliable than my LIFX GU10 bulbs which I returned under the 60 day guarantee. The main advantage of Hue for me was the ecosystem of accessories! The motion sensor and dimmer switch work really well with Hue. There wasn't a real alternative to this with LIFX. HomeKit integration is amazing! It feels like Apple designed Hue themselves because it works so well with the Home app! Thank you Philips!

  2. Dan

    You can't sync these lights up with music or movies, unless you pay for a 3rd party app. So basically the information in the video isn't true.

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