36 Replies to “How to Perform a Self Diagnostic Check on Your Sony BRAVIA TV”

  1. CliffHuxtableSweater

    DON'T PURCHASE SONY!!!!! The delivery guy for my "replacement" tv just left. I ended up keeping the tv that I was supposed to be exchanging (Sony x850f 75inch). The replacement had worse flashlighting than the 1 i had. Called Sony. 1st person hung up. 2nd guy said that they couldn't do anything else and just tried to transfer me after saying no supervisor was available. I'm sending the tv back where I purchased. Also now the remote channel change buttons stopped working. 2wks I've had the tv. It's going back and I'll gamble on an LG or Samsung. Pretty sure i can do better for over 2 grand. Nothing Sony ever again. They are the worst. About to do my Amazon review.

  2. Deborah Leonard

    I have a Sony Bravia 4K ( over a yer old). Suddenly the channels have no sound ( All apps have sound). I ran the self diagnosis and there are no problems. The picture is great – any suggestions how to get sound back on the channels.

  3. Erwin Tolentino

    can any body help me. every time i turn on my tv it goes to hdmi first instead of home screen android apps. when i first buy it when i turn on it only goes to home menu showing all the android apps but now it goes to hdmi first like in the video

  4. James M

    I made a huge mistake buying a Sony 4k TV. Greyish black screen keeps popping up with codes that have to shows listed I've never seen. but Sony already got their 1000 bucks so why should they care!!!!!

  5. MrPiztol

    Sony was my favorite for smart tv's. Today is my last option. Too slow for navigation, always with issues connecting with apps. And worst of all, is the worst for netflix browsing.

  6. Saveth khin

    Hi I would like to ask a question does the Sony Bravia have different brand because mine doesn’t have the same controller or WiFi connection

    Oh never mind mine is a sony bravia model no klv-40r352e its not a smart tv am sad now

  7. 睜大眼睛 חָזוֹן

    DO NOT BUY A SONY BRAVIA TV.. got the latest model.. i will happily do a video for youtube smashing it up as thats the only delight you will get buying a sony tv.. spent a fri ken weekend playing with setting n troubling shooting clipz, now sunday im smashing this tv SONY GIVE UP MAKING TVS THEIR AS SH1T AS YPUR GAMES CONSOLES

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