How-To: Pairing IKEA Tradfri Smart Lights with a SmartThings Hub

Learn how to create a custom Device Handler to pair IKEA Tradfri smart lights directly with your SmartThings hub and gain extra functionality not available with default IKEA lighting controls.

IKEA Tradfri smart lighting review:

Bonus video with SmartThings & Google Assistant voice control:

Referenced Links:

ST Developer Site:
List of Portal Addresses:
GitHub Code Page:

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22 Replies to “How-To: Pairing IKEA Tradfri Smart Lights with a SmartThings Hub”

  1. Luiz E. Kollet Nunes

    Great tutorial!
    I have a question about integrating Samsung Smarthings with Tradfri without hub…

    Is it possible to use the switch controls and signal repeaters from Tradfri using this very same approach that you explained?
    Thanks again

  2. Lennie Ammann

    I want to use my Samsung Galaxy Active Watch to change my IKEA TRÅDFRI lights. I have the IKEA gateway.
    So that means, if I want to use Samsung SmartThings on my watch I need to buy the Samsung SmartThings hub first?

  3. Brian Johnson

    Great channel! Thank you for your videos. I almost feel like this one is tailored to my needs! The IKEA RGBW bulb is my first Thing. At first it wouldn't pair, but what helped was to shut off the bulb and turn it on while the SmartThings hub was searching. However I am not able to change the white color temperature in my app, nor the colors obviously. I guess I will have to look for a different device handler.

  4. Martin Westerblom

    Thanx for the guide! Pairing was a simple task. It seems as if the hub can't read the state of the trådfri. Got a bunch of the GU10 bulbs with fixed color temp. I get the controls for color temp in the app, they obviously do nothing, but the dimmer level is always displayed as 0%. I can manually change the dimmer level, it'll still be displayed as 0%. but automations don't seem to set the correct dimmer level, but rather the latest manually set dimmer level… I'm going to google about and see if i can find a device handler that works better…

  5. Chris A. Ciufo

    Thank you for this; worked fabulously well. As of Jan 2018  the dev portal looks diff and the new one will take some time to navigate. I was able to access the old one shown in the video, but all the suggestions for finding the right server for my hub failed. Tried a trick someone had suggested to add a new location, which would force finding the hub. It worked for me only when I renamed the location from "ABC" in the app (done during initial setup) to "XYZ" in the app. The portal then located the hub after some fiddling with Location in the browser page. Love the brightness of the Tradfri bulbs (hate their hub: it's garbage) and this hack allows me to use the Ikea bulbs with SmartThings. Kudos.

  6. Bryan Coe

    I have a 980 and the ST hub just doesn't see it. I did everything as you described in the video, but still nothing. I just got the ST so the only thing on it so far is my Sonos. I'm not sure what could be the problem. Any ideas?

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