How to Open up an Xbox One Controller

How to fully take apart an Xbox One Controller for Repair or Modifications.

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  1. yung bruh

    its 20 dollars for me to even get a t8 security screw and a screwdriver.. and even then i wont know if i can fix my right analog stick. i guess ill just buy a new one. it feels bad to waste though bc my controller is fine except for that one thing.

  2. Thebalakay27

    Normally I don't like or comment on videos, but I wanted to say thanks. My anolog stick wouldn't move to the left due to something jamming it. Because of this video I was able to safely take my controller apart and unjam it. Because of this It saved me a month of no xbox and 60$ next month. Appreciate the help

  3. Khloey Hulsey

    A quicker way to remove the bottom board, that I figured out on accident after almost breaking the controller, would be to remove to piece that has the Xbox logo in it. If you slide it up towards you while gripping the bottom probation, too slide right off so you don't have to use the screw driver. Thanks for a awesome video!

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