49 Replies to “How to mod a Nintendo Wii (2020 tutorial)”

  1. mariotaz

    "Video tutorial made in 2014 but with 2021 in the title. Whoa OK? Wacky. Insane. Never heard of that. Never heard of updating your video title to be relevant to the year. I better comment."

  2. chem dog

    Wow i dont realize how easy it was to mod wii. Back in the day, I would do this to my p.c, original xbox, and burn CD for dreamcast. Thanks alot bud' you explain it very professionally.

  3. marc giroux

    I tried doing it and all worked fine until i got to the homebrew channel. It downloaded fine and oppened but once on the "bubble" screen, the menu to launch BootMii doesn't appear. If you've got a fix thanks!

  4. esmee tesselaar

    have done all the steps only now when i open homebrew i see exactly the same as before downloading. the bubbles and then when you press home: install bootmii, but I have already downloaded that what should I do? on other videos I see all programs when they open homebrew am I doing something wrong? hopefully it is good english use google translate

  5. nardia slack

    hi i have followed your instructions and there is no message in the message bit and i have gone back by like 2 months but its not there any advice for someone who knows nothing about computers?

  6. aimee marie

    i've never wasted so much time in my life. i can't put anything into my SD card because it has write protection on it. i then watched several youtube videos on how to remove it, and none of them worked. i don't think i'll ever be able to mod my wii.

  7. Olusanya Todd

    My wii stopped working shortly after trying to get this to work plz help. I put the stuff om my sd and put it in the wii. No msg appeared. I tried changing the date, restarting the wii, taking out the sd and putting it back in. Nothing. Shortly after i come back to my wii and its off, and i cant get it to turn back on. Im not 100% certain its the softmods fault but still a possibility.

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