How to Manage the Home Assistant User Interface

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In this video, I’ll be covering how-to manage the Home Assistant user interface. The UI can get unorganized fast. So, in this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to use groups, views, friendly names, icons, pictures, and how to change the default view.

If you have any questions, let me know! Looking forward to big things coming in September!


— The Tech I Use —

—Favorite Parts—

Raspberry Pi 3 –
Case –
SD Card –
Power Supply –
Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 –
NodeMCU ESP8266 Chip –

—My HA Configuration—


My Website –
Home Assistant –
HA Forum –
HA Chatroom –
HA GitHub –

22 Replies to “How to Manage the Home Assistant User Interface”

  1. G8YTZ

    Ben, great video. I had a lot of trouble getting HomeAssistant working with KNX, but succeed today, issue was routing to docker. Next getting the location tracking working…

  2. Mike Coscia

    Thanks for the great help videos! I am moving over from SmartThings and it's making it a lot easier…lol Quick question, how do you enable the syntax highlighting with yaml in Notepad++? All my text is just plain white.

  3. Manoj Jena

    Hi , Your videos are one of the best videos for home assistant. Learned a lot. Thanks for it. I
    I have one unique issues where I added the following line to control my TV with command. I can run only ssh pi@xx.xx.xx.xx "echo 'on 0' | cec-client -s" in command line and control tv , but when I use the following lines in Home assistant. then the switch is shown in HA but does not do any action also when toggled (off to on) , after 2 second it toggles automatically (on to off) and no action is been taken. I also tried just to use without ssh but it fails too… Please guide..

    – platform: command_line
    command_on: ssh pi@xx.xx.xx.xx "echo 'on 0' | cec-client -s"
    command_off: ssh pi@xx.xx.xx.xx "echo 'standby 0' | cec-client -s"
    command_state: ssh pi@xx.xx.xx.xx "echo 'pow 0' | cec-client -s |grep 'power status:'"
    value_template: '{{ value == "power status: on" }}'
    friendly_name: TV

  4. Doug Bas

    Everything seems to take longer than you think. The new website promised on 02/15 is not up 02/16 — I know how that goes!
    Thank you for this fine video and many others.

  5. Yiannos Ioannou

    Hello Ben
    Im try to enable a script that i made to open and close a relay in my orange pi. there are two the one opens and the other close the relay
    How can i configure it in HA the .sh script as a switch to open and close ?

    Thank you

  6. Fahad Alam Shah

    thanks a lot for the great tutorials. I have a question. I'm currently working on a iot project, can I use Home Assistant, MQTT and two raspberry pis on different networks, for example one pi is at my home and the other is at my university and I both to communicate with each other?

  7. Anthony Buck

    Have you started working on a GUI yet? By the way, thanks for all these videos they've instilled enough confidence and curiosity in me to get me to branch into home automation! I was really torn between OH and Haas and you've steered me towards HAAS.

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