How to Make Star Fox 2 Repro for SNES

List of Tools I Use –

Thanks to Jonny Mono for help on the initial wiring of what to do. ‘Flush Cutters’ was the tool I couldn’t think of to snip off the legs to make the rom easier to remove.

Use eprom M27C801 to program the game. Finding the rom is upto you 🙂

And to Chris ala @phxretrogames on Instagram for the deal on the game.

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35 Replies to “How to Make Star Fox 2 Repro for SNES”

  1. anthony Lee dickinson

    I have just bought a repo cart of Star fox 2. The seller kindly gave me Star fox as well legit copy. I have had both in bits. What I got what seemed to be a clone of the FX chip. As the chip was on another chip board and look s thinner and longer than the FX chip. I could be wrong, it's just what it looks like

  2. anthony Lee dickinson

    Well rather than destroyed cartridges or to minimise is more to the point can the fx chips be soldered to the snes itself, probably need to have a few switches for different games but you would only need to do one game, or could the chip be cloned, or even better could someone come up with a chip that clones all special chips, that is programmed to read the game and then do what it needs to get the game running

  3. Mr. Todd

    I have a repro that has Starfox 1, Starfox 2, and Starfox Weekend on it. My question is, what are the extra contacts on the left and right side of the board? Are those even used? Because the person that made my repro cut them off. And the game still runs fine.

  4. Axel Col

    Honestly don't get why people whine about destroying cartridges if you're careful what games you choose should it matter so many games in the 90's were trash released freqeuently just to make money not saying we don't have that today but if you want to make a game never released to play on the original hardware why should you get frowned upon when the game you destroyed was an over produced sub par game.


    I think the closest thing to playing Star Fox 2 on Super Nintendo without a repro cart (destroying a cartridge) would probably be using a original controller with the Retro Freak. I may have to test that, as the emulation on the sound for Star Fox was a bit funky. Then again, I'm a PAL gamer, so y'all can destroy all the NTSC carts you want. That doesn't bother me.

  6. Joseph DiSalvo

    Hey! I know this would be crazy complicated, but I'd love to see someone develop a tower cart like Sonic & Knuckles or Gameshark that can just leech off the Super FX chip from an FX game without destroying it.

    If that's not possible, it would also be interesting to make a Sega 32X-style addon for SNES that has the Super FX chip inside of it and just connects the ROM pins to a second cart slot on top and then a board dev can develop a custom board that just slips the pin out from the ROM to the FX "cart" below it.

    At least that way you could make FX repros without a donor and the donor would go into the master addon cart. 32X style, yknow?

    Alternatively, I'd love to see a reverse engineer of the FX chip and someone to actually just sell FX-mounted boards.

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