How to Make an Amazon Echo / Alexa from a Raspberry Pi 3 – Updated

In this video, I configure my Raspberry Pi 3 into an Amazon Echo / Alexa, and demo the project with “wake word” Alexa.

This is an updated version from my original DIY Alexa videos –

Link to instructions:
If you are having issues, please check the “errors” section / tab –

Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit:
USB microphone:
3.5 mm jack speaker:

Produced and Directed by: Caroline Dunn (@thecarolinedunn)

37 Replies to “How to Make an Amazon Echo / Alexa from a Raspberry Pi 3 – Updated”

  1. James Ruffin

    Hi Caroline, love your video and the content! I am a young entrepreneur out of Atlanta currently building a prototype for a Voice first device using amazon Lex. I am having a bit of stumbling blocks along the way and I’m wondering if we could perhaps exchange email or numbers to chat?

  2. Bitupon Bora

    Please Help me with an issue. My mic(usb)and speakers(aux)are working (tested with arecord and aplay). When firing up the alexa client using mvn exec:exec, My mic is working but the speakers are not. I couldnt find a solution online. Plz help .


    Hi Caroline Dunn,
    I am really thankful to you as you explained it very well. I had followed your steps but and everything was successful but in the end when i closed the terminal with the companion service and the other 2 terminal after that, it stopped working. Hope that you can help me ASAP. Thanks again for your marvellous video!!

  4. Metasyntactic

    Caroline Dunn, do Amazon Alexa Voice services actually return the result from their voice to text cloud servers? I'd really be able to use Alexa as the voice recognition for custom code without having to use Alexa skills.

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