How To Know SONY TV Power Supply Board Problem || Why Sony TV Won't Turn ON & Red Light Blinking

SONY TV Power Board Failure
If you unplugged your SONY TV, while it was on, and now it is dead, you have just blown the main fuse on your Power Board.

||Sony TV Won’t Turn ON || Sony TV Red Light Blinking ||

SONY TV Power Board or Main Board
If stuck in red standby, press the power button. If power button flashes, replace Power Board. If power button remains solid red, replace Main Board-

SONY TV slow startup, flickering or no picture, clicking noise even sound/Power is on, comes on and off, replace Power Board

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24 Replies to “How To Know SONY TV Power Supply Board Problem || Why Sony TV Won't Turn ON & Red Light Blinking”

  1. Dominic Pelosi

    I have a 2015 KD65X9300C. The LED flashes red 4 times, and shortly after it makes a clicking sound. A short while before this happened, the TV would randomly switch off, sometimes it would reboot completely and the android logo would come on and so it would startup pretty slowly. I have opened the back of the TV, none of the capacitors appear to be bulging or deformed. I called Sony Australia and the recommended a company, so I called for a technician to come out, they basically switched on and off the TV and decided from that it requires a new screen, but I don't believe so.

  2. Rainy Day

    My TV is a Sony KDL 52W5100. No sound no picture. When power up, green light on, I can get the 3.3v, 12V and 15V. After 3-4 seconds, green light out, 12V and 15V died, but 3.3V stays on. Green light changed to red. Red light flashes 6 times. If I tried to rest it, red light would flash 3 times instead of 6 times. Since I still can see the 12V and 15V momentarily , is it still a power supply board problem? Please advise.

  3. Patrick Ribbsaeter

    Hi, i have a Sony TV netflix that wotn power on. I have Standby 3.3v, Pwr_on 3.3v, 5 pins out of 6 pins shows 12v on PSU side, missing voltages for Tcon on PSU Side 12v.. the TV has a WHITE LIGHT blinking in the front panel, and mainboard cpu is warm… Any suggestions what to look for?

  4. Sara Hawk

    Sony tv model -KDL40600B switch off automatically after red led blinking 6 times and not turning on.. Tried hard reset, it worked for some time and again same problem came.. Pls help

  5. DD X

    Hi.. my tv shows bootup screen all the time after the android logo come on. Theres no picture, just the bootup screen. And the remote works except for the input and power button. I tried 2 remotes but still the input and power buttons dont work on the tv. The only way to turn on/off is to use the power button on the tv itself. What should I do?

  6. zulfi hyder

    Hi. I have a Sony KD60x690e tv. It shows 6 red blinking lights and wont turn on. I thought this is power board issue but i do not seen any issue with the screen and the weird things is that it turns on randomly once i unplug or change the board but then i see the same issue and it does not turn on. Its works fine once its turned on. Need help

  7. Deuce212

    I have a 2 year old Sony x690e with symptoms of power board failure. I dont have tools to test voltage and all, so was hoping to just be able to order a board from ebay and swap it out. Any suggestions on possibly fixing this issue? any help would be appreciated, thank you.

  8. Duane Clark

    I have a sony kdl-46v2500, when the tv on after about 35 to 45 min the tv will turn off and you will have 4 blink of the red light and the tv will not turn on . if i pull out the power plug wait one min and plug it back in it will turn back on . but it will only stay on or 35 to 45 min. and then shut off again . but now this is the weird part once the tv is on and i wait about 30 min and turn the tv off my self and then turn it back on it will stay on but every 30 or so i have to turn it off anf then i can turn it back on and it stay on i test that out for 4 plus hr . so what going on with it

  9. johnny trevino

    Hello your site is great… ok so I have a brand new Sony Bravia xbr-65x800g like a month old but no warranty it’s feom a auction. In box works good but sometimes the screen flickers in and out but sound is still perfect in the backround like nothing is messing up there. The tv is hung I’m thinking this is the problem? Please help!!!

  10. john legg

    My 75x900e has developed very small white horizontal lines from top to bottom. TV still works and plays video, but lines are noticeable. Also gets green glitches upon powering off. Any idea on this issue?

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