How To Install WiFi Garage Door Opener – Belkin WeMo Switch

WeMo Switch Smart Plug

12V Automotive Relay SPDT 30/40A

12V Automotive Relay SPDT 30/40A with Harness (3 pack)

LE DC 12V 2A Power Supply

In this video, I will show you how to connect a Belkin Wemo Switch device to integrate with your garage door opener so you will have WiFi control.

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37 Replies to “How To Install WiFi Garage Door Opener – Belkin WeMo Switch”

  1. Jupp Schlabutt

    Nice Idea, but toggle the Switch is not nice. Therefor i have taken a Raspberry Pi with Relay and build an Webinterface for execute a Script which will close the Relay only for one Second. So i could also Switch on the Lights in the Garage with a second Relay for 5 Minutes. It runs stable since 2 oder 3 Years now. The Webinterface is (for security) only reachable in the local WiFi and not over Internet, so i can see if the Garage is open. I have also a Sensor at the door with a Signal-Light in the house to know the Garage is open.

  2. K. LaBorde

    Like someone else said, you never know the status of the door? Open or Closed. I have Wemo's and sometimes during a firmware update, they will engage, so you could come home and find your garage door open. Great Idea, but I would not risk my home to be open to the world.

  3. James Holbrook

    I have been thinking about doing something similar but you need something automatic that will only turn on for like 1 second then back off so there is no problem because if someone is not paying attention and never turns it back off then the wall button does not work

  4. Ricky Berkey

    Thank you for such a great and simple idea. I used the exact same relay and an iDevices switch instead of the Wemo and an old 12vdc transformer I had lying around. Instead of pressing twice to simulate a push button I set up an Apple HomeKit automation to turn off the IiDevices switch immediately after getting the pulse to set the door in motion. Works with Siri as well. For remote monitoring I set up an Elgato Eve window and door sensor so I can see if I had forgotten to close the door and do it remotely. Thanks again for the relay idea, I was looking at much costlier options!

  5. Logan Gogarty

    I want to do this with the new ryobi garage door opener. I have an app to opon and close remotely but I want to be able to voice control with Alexa and Siri. I bought the wiring harness three pack and was wondering which color wires to use to connect to my opener wires.

  6. Hung Patrick

    In order not to press the button twice making the switch off, it is recommended to use the wifi switch with jog mode, e.g. AC 110-220V WIFI Relay Switch Module Low Power Jog Mode Phone Remote Control For Wireless Android IOS Smart Home SonOff , $8.99 , lower cost than buying WeMo , Relay and AC adaptor

  7. Science-is-Truth

    NOTE, this will NOT WORK with newer garage door openers.
    If your opener wall switch ALSO operates the light on the door operator THIS WILL NOT WORK.
    This is because the switch does NOT work by just shorting the two wires together. Newer wall switches send a signal to the door operator telling it to just open the door OR turn the light on.
    To get this to work you have to open the wall switch and locate the tiny mechanical switch inside. Then you must solder 2 wires to the contacts of the switch and attach those wires to your WifFi switch.
    The WiFi switch itself MUST be what is known as a MOMENTARY OR INCHING relay.
    Get this WiFi switch from Banggood for about $8 is is a SONOFF switch and they work VERY WELL indeed.
    This Momentary or Inching switch provides just a PULSE of power to the wall switch unlike the regular switches which just toggel from ON to OFF.

  8. Victor Jimenez

    Thanks for the idea. I was able to replicate it, however the problem is that my garage outdoor stops opening or closing if I do not press off the on/off button on the wemo app immediately after I pressed it on. Watching the video it seems easy to do but in my garage opener it is not as easy!!!.

  9. L. Hall

    Thanks for the video, I made mine with the tp-link wall plug and set the plug to turn off 1 min later so its reset for me to close it. I was able to open and close it while on vacation and its controlled with Alexa and Google home.

  10. Clay K

    Wish somebody would just make a wifi garage door switch! Like in my garage, I have this big button. I hit it once to open the garage door, hit it again to close it. Very simple. Like on/off so it would be nice to have a wifi enabled switch that knows the door is open (ON) or closed (OFF). Right now, LifeMaster wants you to buy this whole new system to make the garage door wifi enabled.

  11. JT Dub83

    This worked great for me because I already have a camera feed setup in my garage. It reacts a bit slow some times but its great if you have lost your remote and if you have family that needs in when your away from home. Thanks for the video!

  12. Kooper50

    If you set a timer on the Wemo switch for the minimum (one minute), you would not have to hit the energize button on the Wemo app twice. The relay coil would drop out after the minute, which will open the contacts. Also be aware that until the relay coil drops out, any other garage door remotes or wall switches will not operate the door as the contacts on the opener and the relay will be closed. The Wemo Maker would be better suited for this application as it would remove the need to double press the app button or set a timer, because it can be set as a momentary switch/relay. Also you can add a door switch to the Wemo Maker, which will give you an indication as to whether the door was closed or not.

  13. GiJoe Black

    Firstly, awesome video. Easy to follow. Have been looking to achieve something similar and was looking for option. I was able to get the exact setup done except using TP-LINK Smart Plug. However, I noticed when Garage Door is activated via Phone App, I have to press the button twice a.k.a. Pressing once it opens the Garage Door but the lamp blinks error until I press it again. I suspect the relay switch gets energized but does not come back to the original open position – less behaving like "push button" manual wall switch. Thoughts???

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