30 Replies to “How to Install Kodi 17 in your Sony Android TV (Beginners Guide)”

  1. Ala Kazaam

    You see? You don't explain yourself thoroughly on how do it step by step. Everyone here is confused. To everyone just go to the kodi page set up and it's explained THOROUGHLY on their page.

  2. Dave

    I'm gonna be getting a 2017 Sony TV soon, is the Kodi performance smooth? I have a Nvidia Shield and Kodi runs great on it but it's not great on my Fire Stick. I'm hoping Kodi on the TV will be more like the Shield than the Fire Stick in performance.

  3. Jayl

    Man… I have a new Bravia TV and you’re telling me that I didn’t need to buy my android box?! I could have just used my TV default to download?? Uhh should I return my Minix then?

  4. Football 4Life

    Hugo Conceição: do you know when te android 7 come out for an update to Sony KD-49X8307C?? because has too lag the anroid and i'm thinking also to sell my sony TV and never again buy android TV because they are scummer!!

  5. Football 4Life

    i have a Sony TV 2015 model and i have android 6 and it sucks!! it's too slowly and has many lags!!fuck sony!!!!! it has the worst os even i update it..i have also a Samsung Tv 2016 model and it's fast with the tizen!! i'm really disappointed with Sony because i love android for Smartphones but for TV it's slower and i waste my money with fucking sony tv..:/ 🙁

  6. wilsontom1974

    I have kodi up and running, but can't access any contextual menus. Is there a way to set-up the sony bravia remote to activate the context menu? I have a Rii wireless usb keyboard, but can't get it to work on there either. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

  7. Artur Marques

    Boas… Sigo este canal há cerca de 1 ano, pois também tenho uma Sony TV… Costumo utilizar o Kodi, principalmente com o addon Exodus, mas deste o princípio do mês, sempre que tento ver um filme ou uma série, aparece-me sempre a informação "sem fontes"… o que poderei fazer?

  8. MrPixelptlk

    Since Plex doesn't allow for 3D movies to be streamed from your PC to be displayed on a 3DTV, I'm assuming Kodi does this with ease?

    However, for the past few days I've been searching online (with no success) for a comprehensive guide that will allow me to stream 3D content stored locally on my PC directly to my Sony Smart TV (which uses android) via WiFi.

    What steps are needed? I'm assuming I have to do the following:

    1. Set up my "3D_Content" folder on my pc as a media server? How would I do that? Do I need to install anything on my PC to make this work?
    2. I've installed the latest version of Kodi on my Android Sony TV. How do I point Kodi to that folder stored on my pc? Do I need to use some 3rd party plugin to install in Kodi? Does streaming 3D content from your pc require a Kodi plugin that supports 3D?

    The goal is to sit back on my couch, open Kodi, and connect to that folder on my pc and sift through a list of 3D content and play them without an issue. What I don't want to do is load up a movie using VLC or Windows Media Player on my PC, then send the signal to my Smart TV, then run back out to the couch to watch.

    Is it possible to help me through this… as i'm sure there are many people out there trying to figure out the same thing.


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