How to install channels – Philips Android Smart TV [2017]

The information in this video applies to the following Philips TV series: 6400, 7200, 7500, 8100, 8600, 9000

Model numbers under the 6400 series:
32PFS6402/12; 43PUS6412/12; 43PUS6432/12; 43PUS6452/12; 49PUS6412/12; 49PUS6432/12; 49PUS6452/12; 49PUS6482/12; 55PUS6412/12; 55PUS6432/12; 55PUS6452/12; 55PUS6482/12; 65PUG6412/55; 65PUG6412/77; 65PUG6412/78; 65PUS6412/12; 65PUT6412/71; 65PUT6412C/71

Model numbers under the 7200 series:
43PUS7202/12; 49PUS7272/12; 55PUS7272/12

Model numbers under the 7500 series:
49PUS7502/05; 49PUS7502/12; 55PUS7502/05; 55PUS7502/12; 65PUS7502/05; 65PUS7502/12

Model numbers under the 8100 series:

Model numbers under the 8600 series:
55PUS8602/12; 55PUS8602/05; 65PUS8602/05; 65PUS8602/12

Model numbers under the 9000 series:
55POS9002/12; 55POS9002/05; 65POD901C/30; 55POD901F/30


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Disclaimer: this video is for information purposes only and is not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose. Your TV and accessories may differ in size or model from the TV shown in the video. Please consult your User Manual for a detailed description of the unpacking, installation and set-up of the TV and accessories. No rights can be derived from this video. Philips, the shield emblem and the brand line ‘innovation and you’ are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V.

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18 Replies to “How to install channels – Philips Android Smart TV [2017]”

  1. Rjmeot Matildo

    My tv can connect to any channel all channel are not clear its only clear if we go to channel>analog channel manual installation >sound system>M we do it again and agian everytime e change to another channel

  2. Mae-Ann Bustamante

    i'm having issues with setting the channels on my new Philips TV which I bought from Dubai and brought here with me in the Philippines. the only countries available on the location list are the Gulf countries, I don;t have any other option to change it. how can I change this? is there any way that I could change the software of my TV to set it to the philippines? thanks.

  3. Samsung Worldwide

    My 2018 philps tv not showing programe details on screen just showing bbc 1 bbc2 itv ch4 ch5 etc etc. Not showing whats on the channel etc the programe or movie. Like what on now and on next! No just channels numbers please help.

  4. nora waheeb

    i live in united Arab Emirates and i get this model when i was install chanals and select location want frequency i dont know it i want to connect in Nilesat please provide me instructions

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