How to Install AOSP Android TV 7.1.2 on Raspberry Pi 3

Install Android TV 7.1.2 on Raspberry Pi 3

Download links
Android Repository:

Linux Mint:

Credits for the repo to tabp0le (xdadevelopers)

Now you can do away with the partition creation. I have prepared a pre partitioned android image. Just burn it on to a sd card using or win32diskimager and proceed with gapps installation. Scroll to 12:28 for Gapps installation instructions.

Downlaod link for the image:

43 Replies to “How to Install AOSP Android TV 7.1.2 on Raspberry Pi 3”

  1. annndmdm

    Hi, I have problems with installing, everything goes OK until:

    " push: gapps/sys/._etc -> /system/._etc
    push: gapps/sys/._framework -> /system/._framework
    push: gapps/sys/._priv-app -> /system/._priv-app
    push: gapps/sys/._app -> /system/._app
    131 files pushed. 0 files skipped.
    2637 KB/s (328826874 bytes in 121.771s)
    * Enforcing a reboot, please be patient…
    * Waiting for ADB (errors are OK)…
    error: device not found
    error: protocol fault (no status)
    error: device not found
    error: device not found
    error: device not found
    and on Android screen showing just LOGO
    Thanks for advice!

  2. Tom Hammond

    I have followed the instructions several times with no luck. First, the layout of Android once booted up does not match what is shown in the video. Second, I determined the IP address of my RPi and entered it into the file (triple checked both the address and the file) and I get a constant error: protocol not found (no status) and error: device not found. Can't figure out what I am doing wrong here. Any ideas?

  3. Hans Lindbäck

    hi .. thank you for an excellent guide. unfortunately i do not get my installation to work. (tried both versions v6 and v17) 1:st try got black screen (disk led flash intermittent). then i tried Another setting in config.txt to force hdmi-TV mode. hdmi_drive=2
    framebuffer_height=720now i get the colorful Square visible and led flashing but android is never showing. What am i missing do you Think?

  4. G D

    Hello, can you post a link to a ready to work image including the gaps installed please? i cannot install the gaps i dont know how to hardwire the Pi i`m novice into this things

  5. Ender Nergis

    Hey guys, i had an problem after my succesfull installation from Android TV. If i want to push the Google Play Store i had a Problem on line 76 and it crashes my Android System. I can see only the Android LOGO. Can someone hepl me with this issue?

  6. Ero Chord

    chmod +x && ./
    * Checking available devices…
    *Enabling root access…
    * server not running *

    the ip is good but dont understand why " server not running " can somoen explain to me how fixe it?

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