How to install Amazon Prime Video on ANY Android TV Box

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28 Replies to “How to install Amazon Prime Video on ANY Android TV Box”

  1. Rodger Fassio

    Android 6.0 version 2.0
    Download Version 2.0 Android 6.0 from 4 July 2017:

    I have a Mecool kiii pro and it does NOT play Netflix or Prime Video- the method that did work was to flash the Android 6.0 version ( link above) and it does work now- what is crazy is that I had RDM L1 , but again it would not play Prime or Netflix. I have. Yoka Pro 7.1.1 ( with DRM L 3) and it has always played Netflix and Prime) – so I took a chance that Android 6.0 with DRM L3 would work on mecool kiii pro

  2. Debbie Blake

    I followed the instructions, downloaded the app and now I can’t find it anywhere? At 6:42 on your vid where you say “go to learn more” where it says, get started with amazon underground.. that doesn’t come up on my screen, so where do I go from here???

  3. Salim Khan

    Hi.. is the amazon underground is available for india also, I hv meecool s8 pro w.. is it possible to download prime video to meecool android box .. pl do reply.. if yes pl send me the link to download the app.. thanks

  4. satyajh

    I found another apk that i installed and the app works perfectly. Only issue i have is that it defaults to 1080p and im not able to change the stream quality. Are you able to do it on your install?. Thanks

  5. Notgiving Myname

    ATTENTION: It seems newer versions of Prime Video will NOT work with boxes that do not have Widevine DRM support. Also it is, as of now, available in the Play Store again. I have tried installing both from Amazon and from Play on a couple of devices and on the devices that DO support Widevine it works flawlessly from either source. On devices that do NOT support Widevine it will appear to work, but as soon as you try to play a video the app will crash with a message "Prime Video has stopped". On these devices you can even download video and it will still crash as soon as you try to play it.

  6. Glenn Selby

    Hey. Just got my Mecool Pro L and I love it. Still learning to get around the install of apps not in Google Play store, like Amazon Prime video. Thanks for that. Any other advice for getting the most out of my Pro L?

  7. Bimal Upreti

    chigz, hi. i tried running amazon prime the way you explained. the video starts and with in 3 to 4 sec the video disappears . a message appears Prime video has stopped, open app again. the audio continues for another 5 to 6 min and then the sounds dies too. the same thing happens when i directly download Amazon prime thru Play store. Iam using Scishion V 88 Mini 3.

  8. sean carritt

    Another method that works very well and far much easier….
    Download the Amazon prime video Apk file on a android phone and save it to the micro SD card….
    Then remove the card and slot it into the slot on the box and copy file onto local storage…
    Then go into where apk file is and install….
    Worked like a charm.

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