How to Install a No Gap Wall Mount for your Samsung TV

Learn how to safely install a no gap wall mount to hang your Samsung TV from.

Firstly, find the ideal spot for your TV on the wall – consult a professional if unsure about appropriate fixings to use. After laying your TV face down onto a covered flat surface, you need to:
Screw the wall mount kit into position on the back of your TV and extend the bracket;
Insert the One Connect Cable into your TV;
Drill at least 4 holes for the screw locations using the hanger kit template correctly positioned on the wall;
Screw the hanger kit to the wall;
Lift the TV and hang it on the wall with help from another person;
Position and adjust the angle of your TV.

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6 Replies to “How to Install a No Gap Wall Mount for your Samsung TV”

  1. Mini Eggs

    This might seem like a daft question for a no gap mount but ….. can you get spacers to put between the mount ant the wall ? The reason I ask is if there is an unused plug socket or conduit bezel that does not fit in the cut out for the table stand then it would need to be eased out a bit at the top ? Thanks

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