How to: Hisense Smart TV secret


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Hisense Smart TV ( V-Remote) App:
I little update to my Hisense review with a feature I think may be of interest to some of you.
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43 Replies to “How to: Hisense Smart TV secret”

  1. DJ LIMO

    Omg this bloke is just chatting rubbish. The title is how to reset a hisence smart TV not promote some retarded App that is never updated. Boring little man

  2. Gareth Stack

    Assume this remote app needs IR to work? Just borrowed one of these TV's from a friend. Without the remote. Seems impossible to do anything bar changing inputs without the app. Craziness. No IR on my remote so I guess I'm out of look. Replacement remotes are pretty pricey.

  3. Raffael Gavrila

    Hey guys, i have a question and maybe you can help me.

    I bought the same hisense smart tv but eventually in my app store there is no amazon prime video and its really getting on my nervs…. it would really help me if someone could help. Thank you!

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