How to Hack and add games to your NES and SNES Classic using Hakchi CE (Tutorial)

******NEW 2019 TUTORIAL******

Just a quick video showing you how to hack and add more NES and SNES games to your Classic system using the newest version of hakchi. Hope it was helpful!

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23 Replies to “How to Hack and add games to your NES and SNES Classic using Hakchi CE (Tutorial)”

  1. Ethar Childres

    Hello I was wondering if anybody could give me some tips on how to get the games to work
    I got them from and I thought that they were real Roms of the games but I’m really inexperienced with romhacks and hakchi so I don’t know if they were legitimate Roms and I’m stupid or if they weren’t real roms at all. Also I can’t get the zip files to work with the canoe Emulator.

  2. Ssj Ichigo

    so much for it not bricking the console, I already had alot of games installed to my nes classic, and I just tried to add a couple more, and when I followed your tutorial this time, my entire nes classic was wiped clean

  3. - Theater-Zwaardvechten voor Kinderen

    Hey yo!
    Thanks for the tutorial!
    I totally suck at these things but I thought I'd give it a try. My son (9) is wicked into these games. And I grew up playing them so this is awesome!!!!!
    There are a few things that I can't figure out and that i haven't been able to get working. I'll try to write in an understandable way.. 🙂
    I'm using Hakchi CE v3.5.3
    My snes is connected… the light is green. And I click on add games. I add a rom that I got to it. (I have been trying to do actraiser .. i loved that game as a kid) I see it in added games part above the factory game list. I add cover art for fun and then synch it. Then go to file, exit and unplug snes. The game shows up on my TV in the list. But it doesn't play the game. I added those modules you recommended. It was a bit different finding it from the video. But I got them. The game still won't play. When I select it the TV screen turns black like it's loading then it returns to the selection screen.
    In Hakchi i seperated the games by core and I see it is a DOSBox.. maybe I need another mod or another rom..? Yeah.. I just don't know stuff so I thought I'd ask the Gods of knowledge. 🙂
    Oh yeah.. this maybe wicked basic but .. When I go back to connect my snes to my computer do need to go to kernel-install/repair then do the recovery mode every time I connect?
    Then the last thing.. sorry.. . 🙂 .. I have only added one game at a time so far. When I reconnect I see the game I had tried to install listed on the screen. But when I add another game it replaces the old one with the new one.. ..there is something simple I'm totally missing.
    If you read this… thanks! If you didn't read this thanks as well.. this video is great and your helping out a lot of people!!
    Oh yeah, and would no_intro roms work better… saw that somewhere.. but it was in the early hours of last night when I trying to set this up.. 🙂
    Dude, thanks and … thanks!!!!

    Human Jeff

  4. Craig M

    Great tutorial. Easy and accessible explanation. Appreciate your clear explanation and step by step guidance. This has helped me to master modding my nes classic. WIll do the same wiht the SNES classic when it arrives next week. Thanks mate!

  5. Nathan Jolly

    I haven't used my Super NES Classic in almost a year. hakchi has come a long way! When I last used hakchi, I don't think you could use it to install retroarch. I could be wrong! I remember it being much more involved than this. I never did that hack. Nor did I install games from other systems, and games that wouldn't play? You were SOL. So glad to see this.

    I will have to update mine…

  6. Nachtara

    doesn't work. I did everything you did but the option with the "[corename] doesn't show up in the menu..
    It only says "original games". I installed it, but It won't work.


    How do you get to add more than one game to your hakchi that the issue I have if I add two or more games the one on my list of new roms for the nes list disappers and get replace by the new game on the list

  8. F. Ad

    Great video, Patton. If you or anyone else can help me, I did exactly as you taught in this video. I use Hakchi 3.5.3 and when I open the games emulated by retroarch the quality of the image gets worse and does not appear the customized edges of the Nintendo on the sides. How to solve these problems? I will really be grateful for the help ..

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