21 Replies to “How to Get the Best Picture Quality on Your Sony BRAVIA TV”

  1. TJ tanzim

    My tv is not working,it shows a red light blinking on its middle downward side of my tv.So what should I do to recover my sony tv.Details: Invoice No.INV-SE-2016-001133, SONY 40 Inch TV

  2. William 0502

    I just returned a Samsung ks8000. I decided to go with the Sony xbr55x930D tv. Its a great tv but i been checking around in the settings and i cant seem to make the tv as bright as the Samsung. No matter which setting i pick or picture mode i select the tv seems dark. I even had the brightness all the way up. Please help because I dont want to return this tv.

  3. hipermlexon

    I'm looking for best sony TV for PS4 gaming only. I consider kdl-48w705c (the slowest input lag) or kdl50w805c (higher latency but probably better picture quality). I am not a pro gamer, but I cannot stand motion blur effect. Could anyone help?

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