How To Get Any Game Console for Cheap! 2019

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In this video I will let you in on a little secret…. this is where i buy some of my gaming consoles from! Super great deals!

How To Get AnyGame Consoles for Cheap! 2019

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  1. Trick Gaming

    Does anyone no how to get a cheap Nintendo switch under 200 I’ve been looking for months and my parents don’t have a lot of money and I’ve been wanting one for 2 years please tell me

  2. Chase Hartgraves

    I've won maybe 3 auctions from the majority of shoppers are obviously shop owners. They bid the price up so close to retail it doesn't really work for a bargain hunter unless its something that isn't desirable. That's been my experience anyways. Have a set limit and back out when it goes beyond that. Shipping and handling is also very expensive. Make sure to check shipping and handling before you celebrate.


    For resellers and collectors this is a great site to buy things low, 1 thing he didn’t mention was buying game lots, I have purchased 6 or more game lots and sold doubles etc to help pay back some or all of the purchase you can find ps1 2 psp and wii bundles with near or over 100 titles for cheap and yes b3 careful and read as much info as you can get about your items (shop not just video games also check other listings if interested)


    It’s a good website I’ve been using it for months to buy a fat PS3’s re-solder them and re-fix them and resell them but be careful everyone for the shipping and handling cost can bump it up quite a bit you can buy something for five dollars and end up paying $50 for it because of shipping and handling boom

  5. thegamerguy2014

    Fuck goodwill they take shit for free and sell it most of the time for eBay prices or higher. Profit is one thing but selling something for above what it sells for when it was a donation is greedy. I would rather pay eBay or Gamestop for a vita.

  6. Adam

    I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂 I already shop at this site. Thanks for telling more people 🙄 It's too late already everyone knows this site now.

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