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  1. Tony Ralph

    Hi can any one help
    We have Samsung hard drive recorder and we keep getting a small picture in the top left hand corner on Catchup about expanded into full screen can anybody advise

  2. Species Xanadu

    HDD slot … on what specific unit Samsung? I'm using the UN40D5005BF, circa 2011. It's still a Smart TV and it does have a USB (2.0) port in the back. I was successful at upgrading the system and it does read a Fat 32 USB stick but not (so far) and HDD I plugged into this. I think it's something deeper than what you've been saying. No matter the format of the movie, it refuses to be seen on the Samsung. It's like the pictures and audio files are recognized but movies are blocked from showing up. How odd is that? Yet – if I run an HDMI cable directly from my PC to the Samsung, select the particular HDMI port its plugged into, eg. HDMI 2), the movies play just great. I suspect Samsung went cheap and didn't put any codecs/movie decoders on this unit to recognize movies as themselves.

  3. Nikolaj Hansen

    Your Samsung TV uses a linux kernel, and as such it is directly compatible with the linux filesystems. The disk I connect to mine are all EXT4. Its a real journaling file system and file can take up the whole disk if needed no matter the size. For older tvs use XFS

    FAT file systems are obsolete by todays standards.

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