How To Fly A Drone – Quad Basics

Josh and Alex share some tips on how to fly a drone and become a skilled drone pilot!
The Vortex 150 is a great beginner drone that you can grow with:
OR the Inductrix FPV is a great way to get into quad flying as well:

Stay tuned for more beginner videos that showcase the journey further into multirotors as well as FPV basics

DIY Quads:
FT Gremlin:

Some of our favorite drone vids:
Inductrix vs NERF:
How To Build a Gremlin:

46 Replies to “How To Fly A Drone – Quad Basics”

  1. VectorRoll

    Good video but the music made it hard to hear & focus on what your saying. It is basically a bit distracting. Not very good when trying to learn something. Other than the music the video itself is good.

  2. Kumar Deepam

    Love this training video. I have recently got a DJI Mavic drone. Have looked all over YouTube to find training videos similar to this one for DJI Mavic but haven't been able to find even one. Please make one. Will life of so many DJI drone owners better. Thanks in advance

  3. Enter The Hunter

    I painted the front of my multirotor red and one side Gray as far as my little one goes which is just a toy grade it's not that fast and it's pretty easy to adjust where you're flying just buy where it's going.

  4. Thema inproblem

    I started with a Gaui 500 in 2012 using a Feytech (so called navigation system) and it was a terrible experience. It was like having a wild dog on a leash. It sucked. So in my opinion Feytech products are trash. If they're not out of business they should be.

  5. PoorManRC

    This was helpful. ? Thanks Guys!! I got what is, for lack of a better term, a Toy Grade Quad for Christmas…
    I have yet to try it! ?
    I CAN'T TRIM IT!! ? It's got at least a 2.4GHz 4 Channel Radio. Every time I lift off, it comes right at me!

    I've been into RC Ground since 1985 – I understand the concept of reverse controls as the Vehicle is coming towards me…
    But I'm new to Flight. My only experience so far has been FT Speed Build Aircraft.
    (Which I'm so thankful for, I wouldn't be in RC Flight without them!!) ???

    I'm only mediocre at flying… Should I even be attempting Quads yet??
    I'm a Retired, Disabled USAF Veteran, with a TINY Budget. I can't afford too many crashes. I hope you can help…
    Carmine ✈??

  6. Richard Cole

    So far some great information.  However, it would be nice if the abbreviations that you talk about often, some of us would appreciate what they are and mean.   We beginners are taking in a lot of information, and we can get lost quickly.     it would be helpful to say what the abbreviation means, then use the abbreviation. The use of the term and abbreviations together will help the beginner's learn them, and how they pertain to learning to fly a quad.     I know it may sound silly if your a veteran flyer, but those abbreviations are important to flying, I would think so anyway, Just thought I would mention it.

  7. Mohamed Samir

    could you please recommend a good quad copter for indoors as well as out doors. something that can handle some wind but small enough for home, something that can be a trainer. thanks for the awesome video

  8. flimsyjimnz

    12:20 "..dozens and dozens of battery packs.."? -I trust you really mean dozens of re-chargings? I haven't bought a drone yet …I dont think I will if I have to buy multi dozens of batteries n wear them out from multi rechargings just to get proficient!?

  9. Don Edwards

    Thanks guys for making the process easy to understand.Learning how to hover,Then working the basics like following it around,& keeping facing away may seem elementary,but it makes that eye to hand coordination much easier,& less intimidating than trying to manage it all at the same time…Appreciate all the tips,& your sense of humor helps keep the "learning curve" less painful…

  10. bjmcfarland1

    I bought a drone for my son a couple of christmas ago Sky Viper Drone With Auto Leveling and it would fly out of the box as said.
    We got frustrated trying to get it tuned in and just put it back in the box and that's where it is today .
    Still thought about getting it back out and maybe try again; because i watch a lot of rc and drone videos.

  11. spazzdineveryway

    I just bought a quad on clearance. And this by far is the most professional and informative video I've come across. As a beginner, small gold nuggets like painting the front of your quad to know where the nose is during flight, walking the dog and figure eights is great to know.

    Thank you guys for putting this together. I am even more encouraged to become a better pilot.

  12. izoyt

    what about safety? i mean, regulations wants to have labelled commercial quads, faa exam, not fly next to buildings, people, over the roads etc, but here you got this things, which fly 5x times faster, are 5x times harder to control etc, how about safety here? please, it's not meant to criticize, i know it's nice hobby etc (i did fly rc stuff years ago and i do fly mavic now, for ex.), i just want to know hot is this regulated. thanks.

  13. nwimpney

    Horizon is a pretty awful mode. It won't really let you hold more extreme angles in any stable way, because you're walking the line between the acro at the extremes, and the auto-level in the middle. IMO, learn throttle control flying up and down in level mode. Learn to fly around in acro with small movements sitting on ground effect. Then mix both together. Ideally learn with a tiny whoop, etc, so you don't break props when you do crash.

  14. tyeo098

    I'm watching this after having build (and crashed) my first drone with literally 0 experience on the sticks. I wrote all the code for the TX, I'm using an XBOX controller for controls, the wrong sized motors for my frame (8" props on 1400kV motors dont fit on a 250 frame)

    So I 3d printed some extensions that were able to bolt on and extend the reach of the frame, finally got it in the air after working with more software issues.

    Bank limits. Who would have guessed? It started to drift into the street so I did slight right stick to get it back in the grass (but the way the software is written, the full motion of the xbox controller is the 0-100% pwm range of the TX) so it basically flipped 90* sideways and fell out of the air.

    So I'm writing in sensitivity modes I can switch between so the first mode is a 5% either side limit (for pitch and roll, yaw I'll leave alone for now) swichable up to 10%/20%/50% and 100%, because who knows when FULL RIGHT STICK will be useful.

    Live and learn I guess. Only casualty was one of the 3d-printed extenders.

  15. diggy dice

    None of this is new technology, the Transmitters are using old & antiquated Flat File
    system menus whereas they should be far better than they are. You should be able
    to plug them into your Laptop/Cell Phone & set-up the components right there where
    you can have help files opened to guide you thru the common set-ups?
    If anyone knows where I can find this type of help, please share?

  16. WW5RM

    I wouldn't paint the antenna! Unless you research and be sure the type of paint is ok. At microwave freq particles in the paint can degrade signal! Even PVC pipe can degrade signal.

  17. Dennis Davis

    Just purchased my 1st drone about 3wks ago & got a Orbit Pocket Drone. I've searched all over for a tutorial of how to use the stick control & haven't found one on mine. Your illustration of how the controls work were phenomenal, especially when you showed which way the drone went,with your body, when the right & left one was used to control the Drone. That really clicked for me & now will stick w/me & give me the confidence to control it better. Also by 1st starting out hovering & then walking the dog. If you could do a video on my pocket drone i would appreciate it & from what I've seen from other videos it's the easiest to start out with for beginners like me & the control can be a challenge for someone who's never flown anything before. Thanks again!! 🙂

  18. Raven North

    I keep wondering who you are talking to off camera? That camera angle, although popular for who knows what reason, is rather distracting and excludes the viewer. I like your content, but its a struggle to keep watching this vid. (2 mins in)

  19. nicholasjacobs1967

    Guys, great video … love you guys … but… safety first. Lots of people waking behind you in the park and also in front of the drone – the tree right in front. Please don't fly these things in a public park.

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