How To Fix SAMSUNG TV Vertical Lines On Screen – Off & On by itself || LED TV Easy Troubleshooting

Colored vertical lines appear all over the screen. At first, they were going away after some time, but it has been getting worse and worse, and now they just last forever. LED TV Troubleshooting

SOLUTION: vertical lines are most commonly caused by a bad t-Con board. I suggest to remove the back of your TV and to check the boards for any obvious damage etc. After that consider the T-con board.

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29 Replies to “How To Fix SAMSUNG TV Vertical Lines On Screen – Off & On by itself || LED TV Easy Troubleshooting”


    My samsung tv is showing clear picture when it is turned on, but after keeping it turned on for a 5min it will gradually cover up with full green colour above the screen. Can anyone suggests me some solution?

  2. William Cahoon

    I also had several vertical  lines in a Samsung TV    Just doing a complete setup of the TV – like when it was first put in operation solved the problem.  Part of the set up is to have the TV re-scan for channels .  Resulted in no more vertical lines. No dissemble of TV was needed.

  3. Greg

    I have a Samsung UN46C6300

    that has vertical lines and sometimes the picture will freeze even though the audio is normal. This happens with any signal I connect (Not a streaming issue.) I have disconnected all board connections and cleaned with compressed air but still no luck. Any ideas. Thanks for the great videos and any help you can provide

  4. Sana Khan


    Please help! Ive got a Samsung 55" ue55es8000 and am experiencing vertical lines on the screen similar to problem 1. I have changed the LVDS and the wire that connects from the main board to the t con board but nothing's worked so far. Any help would be appreciated!!


  5. E Dar

    Hi ive a Samsung KS8000 with vertical lines down the screen, just started doing it doenst turen off. Im pretty good with electrcnics is this a issue with the components on teh screen boards fed from the t conn board?

  6. multyz1

    My TV turns off and on with vertical lines but most often as soon as the volume button is pressed then it starts recycling. Why does the volume button also triggers that?

  7. Scott Butterworth

    How about vertical columns of short horizontal lines covering the screen intermittently and not all at once on a TV without a t-con board? Any clues. I already tried replacing the motherboard and that wasn’t it.

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