How To Fix Samsung TV Screen Goes Black || samsung tv display goes black

There are several possible reasons Samsung TV Screen Goes Black. The causes and fixes are listed in order from easy to difficult. Samsung tv shut down by itself.

1. First, try unplugging the TV from the wall for at least 60 seconds. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the TV using the appropriate menu option. Samsung tv screen goes black

2. Old firmware. Check to see if the firmware is the latest version. If not, download the latest firmware. Apparently, WiFi can be defective on some of their TVs, and a firmware change may fix the problem.

3. Cables may need to be reseated. Sometimes, dirt gets in the connections, causing some resistance. Disconnecting and reconnecting the cables can fix this problem.

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32 Replies to “How To Fix Samsung TV Screen Goes Black || samsung tv display goes black”

  1. Noor The light

    I want to send you some videos and pictures of my tv problems. Could you please help me to solve the problems?
    Please give me your email to send you videos and pictures
    The problems are,
    After opening of five minutes its becoming dark from upside to down, before that it shows double images, make some horizontal and vertical lines. When i change Channel its still show previous channels picture on the top of changed Channel.
    At the end of 30 to 35 minutes 80% of the display from upside become dark and makes too many vertical and horizontal lines on remaining 20% display.
    Samsung 32" tv

  2. ਵੀਰ ਸੰਧੂ

    My Videocon 40" give starting sound turns on screen is fine for a second but suddenly screen turns sometimes black sometimes verical coloured patch lines, but tv still turns on/off with remote while other functions are not working as screen iis not visible please help 🙏

  3. Martin McDermott

    I am at my wits end . I purchased a 65” Samsung TV from Best Buy and I keep getting the same problem. The TV will work fine and then the screen goes blank for like 2 seconds and then comes back on fine again . Happens like every 10 to 15 mins . This is my second TV from them with the same problem . If someone can help me that would be great . Thanks

  4. Brittany Bourg

    My screen is on and intermittently, it will go black for 5 seconds and then come back. The unit does not go off, but there is no sound or picture. This happens every 10 minutes or so and more frequently the longer the TV is on. HELP please!

  5. Andrew McIntosh

    Not a Samsung TV problem but TV screen black on startup but still has sound. No faint image when light is shined across it. Can see led lights on at side of screen and can't see any blown capacitors inside. Which would bethe best bet please – power board, the other board or another fault? Thanks

  6. Real Interface

    Led TV goes black all of a sudden but the sound is ok. When I switch off the TV n switch it on the screen is back but after some time like 20 minutes it goes black again but no issue with sound. Could help me know what is wrong with my TV?

  7. Not Necessary

    I prefer the old timer secret repair trick a 35 year career Samsung technician taught me
    Step 1 : get yourself scotch tape & a 8.5 oz ball peen hammer
    Step 2 : run the tape diagonally from each corner
    Step 3: locate the center where the tape intersects
    Step 4 hit the cross section with the ball peen hammer with as much force as possible
    Problem solved!!!

  8. Steven Urena

    I have a 70inch samsung 4k 6 series when I'm playing ps4 or watching tv on ps4 screen freezes and the screen starts going black then it shuts off turns back on back to normal when I'm watching tv it does the same thing but tv doesn't freeze….what do you think it is?
    Thank you

  9. stephen pickin

    can you help i have a samsung ue48j6300ak curved smart tv the fault that i got is when you turn on the samsung smart tv logo appears on the screen then hdmi 2 then screan goes blank after that, the remote when you push any button you see the led flashing but no responce from tv can anyone help thanks

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