How To Fix SAMSUNG TV Screen Flickering and ON & OFF || TV Display Problems & Repair

I have a Samsung LCD TV and It’s having weird Screen flicking issues. (Screen On & Off Issues) The colors are saturated and when the images on the display move they get blurred (video below); (Screen Flickering) it’s on every source. The TV is no longer under warranty so I’ve begun taking it apart. I changed some capacitors from the power supply hoping it was a filter problem but no luck. I’m thinking it could be the Mainboard or possibly the T-conn board. I’d hate to buy one and it ends up being something else. Also, could it be the inverters? Anyone had any experience with this problem? What ended up being the problem?

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17 Replies to “How To Fix SAMSUNG TV Screen Flickering and ON & OFF || TV Display Problems & Repair”

  1. D DOT

    Hi, i have a samsung tv & it auto turns on as soon as i plug power in, does not turn off though, then i have in the centre of the tv its all yellow, either side being white & where is would say HDMI, the HDMI is backwards as if the screen is has flipped. If you can get back to me with any help would be much appriciated, thanks.

  2. Cassavrick

    Our Samsung smart tv has a flicker and dimming on the bottom half of the screen. On every source. Always there. Anyone else have this issue and if so did you find a solution?

  3. Sugam Rijal

    E1720NX Samsung I have this monitor and it has color lining problem what can be the possible solution, I tried fixing it but the color repair said Monitor cannot be repaired without lining problem without even seeing it.

  4. Gabor Belenyesi

    Hello Guys!

    I have a problem with my old samsung LE40M86BDX Tv.
    Basically every black color on the screen went blue.
    Sometimes I can see a rainbow line horizontal.
    Unfortunately I can't post a picture here.
    Can I solving the problem if I change the t con board?


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