37 Replies to “How to Fix Samsung Smart TV stuck On Start Screen Logo!”

  1. Guan Juan

    Hola, Tengo el mismo problema, aparece logo smarTV y desaparece y se queda en pantalla negra. Es un Samsung UE48HU7500L con placa modelo BN41-02205. Por casualidad no tendrías el archivo .bin para dicho modelo?. Gracias

  2. Anthony Rfl

    Tout d’abord merci beaucoup pour cette excellente vidéo qui me permet de connaître l’origine de la panne de mon téléviseur.

    C’est une TV Samsung eu UE48H6200 , et je ne suis malheureusement pas équipé pour pouvoir re flasher le composant, existe-t-il une autre solution ?

    Si non, à combien estimez-vous le prix honnête de cette réparation par un professionnel ?

    Merci pour votre aide.

    Bien cordialement.

  3. sunil madhav

    UA40H5570UA,the model of the mainboard is BN41-02156A LOGO COME restart next Smart Hub Terms & Conditions,Privacy Policy on display remote & key notworking from india

  4. nabil bounassre

    Salam akhi
    Merci pour les infos
    J’ai une smart tv ua32f4500
    Pb store application ne s’affiche pas même les applications
    J ai fait installé le fichier bin 24c256 sur eeprom mais le même pb
    Merci de ria géré sur la

  5. Atik A

    Why the Logo(samsung smart tv) appear? Because of what? The user have a wrong way to play the TV or because that TV is damage?? I have that problem too, please help me to answer this

  6. henzelmen

    Hi Repo apps,
    On 1:35 you show us a SPI25Q16, what to do with this one? also replace? In the video I see you only desolder the Eeprom 24c512 reprogram it and put it back, you do nothing with the SPI, can you explain me please?
    Further I have a question, can I send my bad Eeprom to you so you can reprogram it for me? I dont have a programmer.
    Thanks in advance!!

  7. Costa Costa

    Please how enter in recovery mode or factory reset without menu, i have black screen in my skyworth tv android 8 , i have only one bouton in back of tv, joystick bouton for start/shutdown.
    Modele of my tv is 43g6 smart tv

  8. Benjie Tinoy

    MY SONY KLV32ex400 TV.. I change new T con board..causing Green and
    orange flashing I tried to firmware update using USB stick..red light
    light up, orange light flashing USB stick flashing.its start
    updating.but after 10 minutes..everything was change..USB stick stop
    flashing..and green , orange light was flashing….so I discontinue the
    process….update was failure..Now every time I turn on the TV..green
    and orange light is flashing..no picture and no sounds….Please help me
    with this,,,can I use this procedure from the video?

  9. Spyphone Celular Espia

    Hola , es posible cambiar el logotipo de inicio de los televisores samsung al inicio? , tambien es una opcion eliminarlo , como seria el proceso ? que herramientas se necesita para esta tarea ? si alguien me puede colaborar con este proceso puedo pagarme unos cafes por paypal, (celularespia*gmail.com) Gracias .

  10. paulo silva

    Hi Reppo. I Tried to updated submicom feature in the service menu of my samsung smart Tv and messed it all. Guess what? Tv is dead. Not even standby light is on. I´ve heard one has to change the mother board or rewrite thesome eproom. Any hint? Thanks in advance

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