How To Fix Plasma TV (Samsung & Others) – Plasma TV Repair

This video will, once again, take the Honest out of Samsung. This is a how to video showing you how to fix a Samsung 42″ Plasma HDTV. This video demonstrates how to remove faulty Y-Board and replace with a new Y-Board. This video will show you how to replace the Y-Board Upper or Y-Board Lower.

This HDTV all of a sudden began showing rolling vertical bars on the top half of the screen. If you are having similar issues on the top of the screen, you should watch this video on how to replace the Y-Board Upper. If you have lines on the bottom half of the screen, simply follow the same instructions to replace the Y-Board Lower. If the entire screen is messed up, replace both!

The fix has been found in the form of a $100 Y-Board card (BN96-02034A – Upper, BN96-02216A – Lower)

Please take the time to watch this How-To on repairing your Television!

29 Replies to “How To Fix Plasma TV (Samsung & Others) – Plasma TV Repair”

  1. ParanormalResearch

    I have a samsung plasma that has 2 vertical columns of green/black static or “snow” that goes away after about 10 minutes. I took it apart, adjusted the VSCAN and made it a little better, any suggestions on what could have failed?

  2. Williamwreckx

    I have a 59 inch Samsung plasma Television about five years old. The picture is now stretched wider resulting in lost picture to the sides as well as the top and bottom. Can this be fixed?

  3. HighCompressionII

    Hmm–That ISNT a 'Y' Board yer plum!

    Those boards are called– BUFFER BOARDS! The 'Y' as you seem call it (Y-SUS,or correct name,- Y-Sustain board) is the big board the buffers are plugged into having the big heatsinks on….
    I dunno–Guys watch a few Youtube vids, maybe replace a cap or two and then THINK they are TV Technicians, when All they actually are is board changers, Anyone can do that–Even my 87 year old Mother!!!

  4. 12voltvids

    I am beginning to agree with you on the quality of Samsung products. I have a few that have been trouble free. I do however have in my shop right now, 3 Samsung plasma sets. 2 have blown buffer boards where on one the chip burnet up completely, and another with a shorted buffer. Ordered a new (used) buffer from shopjimmy, and wouldn't you know the replacement board is bad, bottom of the screen looks like your one here on the top.  The 3rd Samsung the y main board exploded, literally, capacitors blown to smithereens and semi's split in 2.

  5. Roman Nas

    my samsung tv upper half is black for a few minutes, then it has green and red lines, then it flickers with the lines, then flickers again but without the lines but then it becomes normal. but if the brightness is too high or too low it will flicker, now the top quarter is reflecting the bottom half of the screen
    someone help plz

  6. paulish22

    I have a 56 inch Samsung plasma about 5 years old.  I have a couple issues.  First when my tv has a purple line that shows up near the top about three inches wide and goes across the screen, on white backgrounds only.  The next problem just started and my tv turns itself off and then turns right back on again.  It did it once this weekend and twice last night.  Any solutions?

  7. Horacio Ulloa

    My samsung smart tv curved problem is when i go to watch netflix youtube or hulu plus i go to put on a show it only shows a small square box in the top left corner with picture, and everything else is black. But when i go to watch tv from antenna it shows picture full screen im like wtf lol. Plz help i spent alot of money on this tv😭

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