How to fix No Signal HDMI on SONY TV | No picture from my video device when using an HDMI connection

No picture when I use an HDMI connection. In this video we show you how to solve HDMI No Signal issues.

1. Check which input on the TV the source device is connected to.

2. On the supplied TV remote control, press the INPUT button repeatedly until it displays the correct HDMI input.

3. The location of the Input button on your remote and the Input labels on your TV screen may be different.

4. Disconnect the HDMI cable and then reconnect it. A bad connection may occur temporarily and cause this issue.

5. Turn on the TV and the connected device, and turn them off. Then, turn them on again to let the TV recognize the connected device.

6. Check if the input of the audio system (such as amplifier or theater stand) corresponds with the video output device

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21 Replies to “How to fix No Signal HDMI on SONY TV | No picture from my video device when using an HDMI connection”

  1. jayache800

    This totally worked on a Sony Bravia kdl-55hx800. Thanks so much! The screen was blinking with "No signal" but the screen otherwise looked fine, and LED indicator light was either solid green when on, or solid red while in standby. The video shows holding the "input" button down but I followed the instructions exactly, and held down the "power" button (on the side of the TV) down for 30 seconds while the TV was completely powered down and HDMI cables unplugged. I turned the TV back on and plugged an HDMI cable in and it works again. Thanks again.

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